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A Woman of Substance in the Bible

    A Woman of Substance in the Bible

    A woman of substance has outside interests and hobbies outside of work and family. She isn’t completely wrapped up in her job, her significant other, or her husband. She finds joy in hobbies and enjoys getting together with friends who share her interests. She finds it important to make time for her interests outside of the household.


    The story of Deborah is an extreme departure from traditional biblical themes. It is considered odd by many, but it is a well-known fact that the Israelites trusted her judgment and leadership during the plagues of Canaan. The Israelites had been subject to the cruel rule of King Jabin for over 20 years. They were desperate for freedom, and Deborah invoked the Lord’s help. Deborah then summoned the Israel army commander, Barak, and a force of ten thousand men to help them fight the enemy, Sisera.

    Deborah was not just a strong woman, but she was also a prophetess and judge. She followed the Lord’s word and trusted His will, even when others feared her. She led the people back to God, and she won many battles.


    Dorcas, a woman of substance in the Bible, lived in a city on the Mediterranean Sea called Joppa. Her name derives from a Greek word meaning “gazelle,” whereas her Aramaic name Tabitha means “gazelle-like.” The Bible does not mention her beauty, but she was a generous, giving woman who sewed clothes for the poor and the needy. Her life of service inspired others, and she is also remembered as an inspiration for modern-day organizations like the Dorcas Society. In Africa, the African Dorcas Association was founded by local church volunteers to honor her life and her work.

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    When Dorcas died, her close-knit group of followers sprang into action. Peter, who was busy performing miracles, heard the men’s urgent request and came to Joppa. The widows were weeping over the body of their friend, and they were shown to Peter the clothing that Dorcas had made.


    Jehosheba is the daughter of King Jehoram, also known as Joram. Her parents were not good people and she was involved in idolatry in both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms. She was also a half-sister of the wicked King Ahaziah. Her husband was the High Priest Jehoiada, and this made her the only Israeli princess to marry a high priest.

    A woman of substance in the Bible is a woman who has made a significant contribution to the salvation of her people. Her marriage to a priest increased her sphere of service. As a result, she could protect her people and their land from the oppression of their neighbors.


    Priscilla is a Biblical character who is mentioned several times in the New Testament. She was an outstanding woman who lived in Achaia around the year 51. Originally from Pontus, Priscilla married a man named Aquila, who was a Roman citizen. Together, they were active in spreading the gospel and leading people to Christ. Although their ministry was at times met with opposition, they remained faithful to God’s mission.

    In the letter to the church at Rome, Paul invites people to greet Priscilla and Aquila. They welcomed the church in their home and were an encouragement for the new believers.


    Abigail is one of the seven great women in the Bible, but she is a woman most people don’t know. She was a beautiful and intelligent woman who got married to a rich fool. Her story is inspiring, and shows how wisdom and action go hand in hand. In some cases, it’s enough to be wise, but in others, standing by without doing anything is a recipe for disaster.

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    Abigail showed her good judgment and her sense of time. She was quick to gather food, something that Nabal couldn’t do. She gave David the goods he needed to fight Nabal, and she acted in a much different way than Nabal did. Abigail understood that Nabal was a rich man, and she gathered food that Nabal didn’t have. The fact that she was so prepared for Nabal’s wrath makes David’s response even more appalling. When David returns, he vows to kill the entire household of Nabal.

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