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Are Auras in the Bible

    Are Auras in the Bible? are auras in the bible

    Auras have become a popular topic for people to discuss, but they are not in the Bible. If you have ever wondered how Bible verses about auras relate to the occult, you’re not alone. While the Bible mentions a few concepts related to auras, there’s a big difference between what’s described in the Bible and what’s believed to be a spiritual reality.


    The Bible doesn’t mention auras, but some people say that certain passages refer to them. One of these passages is Exodus 34, which describes Moses’ encounter with God, and another is Matthew 17, which describes Jesus’ transfiguration. It is unclear whether these passages relate to auras, but the idea that halos surround people is not new.

    Although biblical accounts don’t mention auras, they do mention the idea of light surrounding certain holy people. For example, Jesus is called the “light of the world” in John 8:12, and his followers are called “children of light” in Ephesians 5:8. In addition, God is strongly identified with light in the Bible. In fact, Satan disguises himself as an angel of light in 2 Corinthians 11:14.


    Auras are thought to be energy fields around living things. They are believed to be useful in identifying people’s health and feelings. They are an important part of the New Age, witchcraft, and occult. However, they require special spiritual insight to perceive. Moreover, the Bible rejects the idea of auras.

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    Some people believe that seeing an aura is akin to peering into the spirit world. This idea is counterproductive because science has confirmed the existence of energy. However, Christian believers should always remember that some disciplines that are labeled as “science” are actually spiritual doctrines. The apostle Paul has warned Timothy to stay away from false science and profane babblings.

    Colors of auras

    Auras are colored to represent different levels of emotional, spiritual, and physical complexity. Generally, an aura will be darker and weaker when someone is sad or is physically ill. However, people can also change their aura color at different times. For example, a person may have a different color in their aura when they are playing with their children or when they are hanging out with friends. In some cases, they may even have different colors when they are discussing something important with a close person.

    Psychics have suggested that certain colors may be auric and therefore represent certain emotions. Among these colors are red, yellow, and purple. Red, for example, is a symbol of anger. Purple, on the other hand, symbolizes spirituality and blue represents religious devotion. In addition, green has a variety of symbolic meanings, but its main meaning is to put oneself in someone else’s shoes.

    Connection to occult

    Auras are said to be a phenomenon which surrounds living beings, and people who have psychic powers can perceive them. This belief is central to the occult, New Age teachings, and Wicca. However, it is important to note that the Bible condemns all such practices, including mediums and spiritism.

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    While many people believe that the ability to see auras is real, some claim that it is just a quirk of the brain. Several researchers have investigated the possibility that people may perceive colourful auras around their loved ones simply due to synaesthesia – a rare condition that causes them to see colour.

    Symbolism of auras

    Auras are said to have several levels. The first, or the celestial plane, acts as the third eye, and it is said that it helps us to see our dreams and to be in tune with our intuition. The second, or earthly plane, acts as a protective shield, while the final, or final aural layer, acts as a net that encloses the layers below and helps them remain balanced. Some believe that an individual’s aura is affected by their emotions. Whether this is true or not, no one can completely shut off their aura, although they can cleanse it.

    In Christian art, holy figures were often shown with an aura around their head. This halo is said to be a symbol of the divine presence. In ancient Asian culture, the aura was also seen on sacred figures. Some sacred books depict great teachers with a circle of light surrounding their bodies. Sacred artifacts found in temple caves in Mexico, Ceylon, and India have depictions of great teachers with different kinds of auras. Some clairvoyants also claim to be able to perceive a person’s aura. They say they are able to distinguish colors that indicate the emotion of the person or event.

    Biblical condemnation of auras

    If you believe in the doctrine of the devil, you should know that the concept of auras is condemned by Scripture. The Bible teaches that Satan has a pervasive influence over the system of the world and is the ruler of the occult kingdom. Because of this, Christians should be skeptical of new age medicine and occult practices. These practices have a long history of links to paganism and occultism. One prominent example is Hands-on back therapy.

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