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Are Lightworkers in the Bible

    Lightworkers are those who work with energy, or who believe in higher consciousness. They do not worship a particular deity, but instead work to reach a higher level of consciousness. A lightworker is someone who is here to help transmute the darkness into light. They are sonship souls who incarnate on earth and in other physical dimensions. Because their souls are made up of 144,000 pieces, each can experience multiple incarnations in multiple realities.

    Lightworkers in the Bible

    Lightworkers are spiritual beings who have accepted their mission before coming to Earth to incarnate in a physical body. During previous lifetimes, these lightworkers underwent intensive training to prepare for their incarnation on Earth. In this lifetime, they will awaken to their true self. There are different triggers that will wake up these lightworkers.

    Lightworkers bring the goodness of God into the world. They bring love, calmness, and peace to any situation. They also maintain abundance. They do this through their radiant energy. They never allow the difficulty of the task to override their goodness. As a result, they are called to share their light with the world.

    Yeshua was a lightworker. It is important to remember that the lightworker’s mission did not begin and end on earth. It is a journey that begins in heaven, and the success of the mission does not depend on the happenings on earth. However, his mission has an energetic imprint that can be accessed by anyone, including you. The atrocities that Yeshua suffered were necessary to amplify the lessons of his life and to intensify his virtues.

    Lightworkers are able to focus their efforts in areas where they will have the most impact. They communicate messages of love, peace, and spiritual awakening. They also work in the collective consciousness to free people from negative karma.

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    Darkworkers are those people who are incapable of facing their own truths. Instead, they are driven by irrational fears and desires rooted in their subconscious. They often project these desires onto other people. Because of this, they often behave like robots and are unable to feel empathy or compassion.

    Darkworkers are polar opposites of lightworkers. Lightworkers have an enlightened mind and recognize the God within themselves, while darkworkers are unaware of the God within themselves. Rather, they have a false sense of identity and identify with their outer personality consisting of their thoughts, emotions, and desires.

    In order to manipulate the lightworkers, darkworkers use the concept of separation and denial to create division and confusion among lightworkers. This is done by using a disinformation campaign. During the last thirteen years, a large portion of the Christian community was indoctrinated with a poisonous lie.

    Darkworkers are part of a worldwide conspiracy, which has been enacting a worldwide campaign for centuries. They are the ones who have been turning humanity away from spirituality and causing the Great Apostasy. They are also responsible for causing a significant part of the world’s population to be attracted to materialistic values.

    Lightworkers are intensely committed individuals who devote their lives to serving humanity, whereas Darkworkers dedicate their lives to serving themselves. The lightworker radiates peace and forgiveness from forgiveness, while the darkworker is characterized by calculating and seriousness.

    False religions

    False religions, which are also called heresies, are practices that rob people of their spiritual life. They obstruct people from entering God’s kingdom and from embracing the truth. False religions deny the existence of Christ, the Son of God and the true teachings of the Bible.

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    False religions base their doctrines on distorted Scriptures. Scripture contains many books that teach different doctrines. For example, certain books of the Bible are prophetic, while others are historical in nature. And then there are poetical books such as the Psalms that blend historical reference, prophetic revelation, and praise.

    Those who practice false religions are infected with guilt and shame. They must repent of their falsehood, or the judgment of God will come. They will spend eternity in hell. The truth is that Jesus is the only one who can free people from their sins. However, false religions aren’t good for us, and they should be avoided at all costs.

    False religions in the Bible include cults and occult movements. These groups are clannish, and they see the world as a place where only they belong. Cult members seek salvation in this way, and their membership brings them into a sort of bonded condition. Cults have strict rules that must be followed to please their leaders.

    Jesus Christ

    Lightworkers are those who turn darkness into light. Their work is often difficult, and they may experience challenges and trauma along the way. Yet, these challenges do not break them. In the New Testament, two such lightworkers are mentioned. One is Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha, who lived near Jerusalem.

    In the Bible, light has always been associated with holiness, goodness, and knowledge. Similarly, light is associated with grace, hope, and peace. Darkness, on the other hand, connotes evil, sin, and despair. The Bible is a source of light, and it can help us understand our world and its meaning.

    In the Bible, the lightworkers are not called “ascended masters.” Instead, they are called “pseudo-lightworkers.” These people think of themselves as spiritual, go to church on Sunday, and read lightworker magazines. They also pray for whatever they want. Yet, they believe in an external god who is busy punishing sinners.

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    The Bible also contains several references to ETs. ETs, like Pleiadians, are incarnated as soul aspects. The more soul aspects you have, the more powerful your soul becomes. A Christed soul is comprised of 144,000 soul aspects. This soul will eventually be enlightened and the name Christ will be added to it.

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