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How Long Is a Span in the Bible

    How Long Is a Spank in the Bible?how long is a span in the bible

    In the Bible, a span is a unit of length equal to half a cubit, or nine inches. This term is used in several verses, including Exodus 28:16, Exodus 39:9, and 1 Samuel 17:4. The word “span” is used incorrectly in the King James Version, but it is correct in the Revised Version.

    Span is a measure of length

    In ancient times, a span was about half the length of a cubit (the distance between the middle finger of a hand and the tip of the thumb). This measurement is used rarely in the Bible today, as modern units have been adopted. The Old Testament dates from 2000 b.c. to 400 b.c., and it mentions span in several places. For example, the breastplate of the high priest was twice as long as the span. A judgment priest’s breastplate was also twice as long as the span, which was also called an ephod style.

    Span is a measurement of hand length. It is measured from the tip of the little finger to the tip of the thumb, and can also be used to measure the length of a hand. In English, a span measures about 22 cm. In Arabic, a span is called a sibr, and is used in classical Arabic and modern dialects.

    Bible length measurements vary, although they are generally in accordance with the conversion values used in older publications. There are a variety of methods for converting a span to an inch. Several Bible translations use the cubit-to-inch conversion, and many of them agree on the measurements for spans, cubits, palms, and digits.

    Span is also used to describe a pair of horses or cattle. In Hebrew, a span signifies the same thing as a yoke on a horned animal. While this measurement may seem rather inconsequential in the Bible, it is considered a significant unit of length in Hebrew.

    Bible translations use the term “stadion” for a measure of length in the Old Testament and the New Testament. This term, from the Greek word stadion, refers to lengths and distances. Similarly, a stadion is used as the smallest piece of money in Israel.

    Span is a measure of breadth

    The Hebrew word “span” refers to a length that is half a cubit in length, or about nine inches. In the Bible, this term is used in many places. In Exodus 28:16 and 39:9, for instance, it is written as “spand,” while the English translation is “breadth.” In 1 Samuel 17:4, it is written as “span” and is the correct translation in the Revised Version.

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