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How Many Chapters in Each Book of the Bible

    How Many Chapters in Each Book of the Bible?

    The Bible contains a total of 1,189 chapters. These chapters are divided into the Old Testament, Genesis, and Exodus. Let’s take a look at each book’s chapter count. Using a mouseover table, you can see how many verses are found in a particular book. You can filter the results by chapter number or scroll down to narrow down the results.

    There are 1,189 chapters in the bible

    The Bible is made up of a total of 31,103 verses and 1,189 chapters. If you read four chapters a day, you can complete the entire book in about two and a half years. It would take you about eight hours a day to read the Bible in its entirety, but that is not possible unless you read a translation. The longest book is the Psalms, followed by Luke, Matthew, and Acts. The Bible is divided into three major sections: the Old Testament, New Testament, and Catholic Old Testament.

    The King James Version contains 1,189 chapters. The Old Testament has 929 chapters, while the New Testament has 260 chapters. The Bible consists of 66 books, with each book containing between fifty-one and sixty-eight chapters. Each chapter is composed of several verses. These verses are often referred to by their first letters.

    Old Testament

    The Bible is divided into books, and each book has a certain number of chapters. Some Bible versions contain more or fewer chapters than others, but the verses and word count are generally constant. However, the number of chapters in the Old Testament differs from that in the New Testament.

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    The Old Testament, which is referred to as the Jewish Tanakh, has 39 books. It is the foundation of the rest of the Bible. It explains God’s nature and the relationship between his creation and humankind. The four Gospels are the stories of the life of Jesus Christ, and the New Testament contains letters by Saint Paul and other Christian teachers.


    Genesis is an Old Testament book with fifty-four chapters. Each chapter covers a different event in the story, and the order of events indicates how much time passed. The first eleven chapters depict the creation of the world, and the twelve to twenty-four chapters deal with the period during which Adam and Eve were created. Then the book of Genesis moves on to the birth of Jacob and the subsequent two-year mourning period that followed. Lastly, the last 50 chapters describe Joseph’s death and burial near Hebron.

    Genesis is the oldest book in the Bible, and its chapters are divided into many sections. It starts with the creation of the world, and then goes on to describe the creation of animals and humans. After Adam and Eve fall, the book of Genesis describes how God punished mankind, sending them into exile. However, it’s important to note that Adam’s sin was not the reason for death on earth – it was the fruit that they ate.


    The Bible’s book of Exodus contains 40 chapters. The first chapter describes how the Jewish people came to be in Egypt. God decided to rescue them from their slavery in Egypt, and chose the people of Israel to represent him on earth. The book also details the birth of Moses, who was called by God to lead them out of Egypt. The story concludes with the burning bush and God appearing to Moses as a divine emissary.

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    Exodus is considered the second book of the Old Testament, the Torah, and the book of law. It was written to the Jewish people during the forty-year wilderness journey in the Sinai Peninsula. It details the history of Israel from Joseph’s generation to the generation following. The book is divided into several sections, with the first eighteen chapters dealing with the exodus from Egypt, while the rest is concerned with the giving of the Law, the Covenant, and the tabernacle.


    The Bible is divided into books, each with a certain number of chapters. This number varies from one version to another, but the number of chapters is almost always the same. The number of verses per book is also the same. The chapters in the Old Testament and the New Testament are different in length, but they are both based on the same source, the Bible.

    Some of the books of the Bible have hundreds of chapters, while others have just a few. Psalms, for example, has about 150 chapters. Job, on the other hand, is a much shorter book, with only a few verses per chapter.


    The book of Obadiah contains prophecies that will take place at various times in history. One of these prophecies is the destruction of Edom, which was a powerful nation who enjoyed the good fortune of a great blessing from God. But this blessing also included judgment of the nations and the final possession of Edom by Israel. The book of Obadiah has numerous chapters that focus on different events.

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    Obadiah’s book is the fourth of the Minor Prophets, the last twelve books of the Bible. Prophets were chosen by God to communicate His message to people. Often, these messages came in the form of dreams, visions, oracles, or parables.