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How Many Times Did Jesus Weep in the Bible

    How Many Times Did Jesus Weep in the Bible?

    Jesus wept a great deal. His tears showed His sadness for the many things he had to endure. He knew that most of his followers would reject Him, the Temple would be destroyed, and many of the people would die by the hands of the Romans. His tears were also directed at the hardhearted hearts of the Jews, who had refused Him. He wanted to change their hearts and help them repent of their sins. He knew that God would judge their sins, but He wanted them to live.

    Three times

    There are three times in the Bible where Jesus is described as weeping. The disciples assumed that he was weeping after Lazarus’ death. In reality, the tears he shed were because of his love for Mary and Martha. Although this may be a stretch to believe, the Bible tells us that He was so touched by their pain that He wept. The disciples’ lack of faith prevented them from believing that Jesus was able to save Lazarus.

    One of the most moving moments of Jesus’ life was when He cried for the dead man Lazarus. When Lazarus died, Jesus was able to turn the sadness of his death into joy by resurrecting him. This event marked a turning point for religious leaders.

    Palm Sunday

    Did you know that Jesus wept in the Bible on Palm Sunday? The Gospel of Luke records Jesus’ sobs when he saw Jerusalem, the city he had just entered on a donkey. He had been hailed as king by the crowd, and they were waving palms and throwing their cloaks on the ground. Seeing the people’s astonishment, Jesus was overcome with emotion and broke down in tears.

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    Jesus was concerned for the people of Jerusalem. He knew that his people were about to be destroyed if they did not accept Him as their Messiah. Jesus understood that they would have a long road to become a nation again, but He refused to let them go. So, Jesus wept on Palm Sunday in grief for his people and for their city.

    Lazarus was ill

    The disciples had been out traveling when they happened upon the tomb of Lazarus, where his body had been laid for four days. Martha and her sisters were weeping, and Jesus was moved by their tears. He asked Martha where Lazarus’ body was. People had heard about Jesus’ miracles, but they were unsure why Jesus allowed Lazarus to die. But Jesus had a reason.

    As the Book of John tells us, “In the beginning, the Word was with God.” In this moment of Lazarus’ death, Jesus knew he had the power to raise him. He was aware of the pain and suffering of everyone around Him, and He was deeply concerned for them. He knew Lazarus would come back, but he still wept.

    Jerusalem’s hardness of heart

    When Jesus wept over Jerusalem, he was not just weeping for his own people, but for the people of the whole world. He wept for the people who would reject him in the coming millenniums, and he was weeping for the judgments that would come against them.

    As He rode on a donkey, palm branches and clothes were thrown in front of him. The people of Jerusalem had not heeded his words, and he was unable to save them. Even his own disciples would not believe Him, so the Lord was faced with the hardness of their hearts.

    Jesus wept on several occasions during his ministry. He wept over Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, when he entered the city with moistened eyes. This is commonly known as His “Triumphal Entry,” but it can be translated as Tearful Entry. When Jesus walked by the disciples on the road to Emmaus, he asked them what was troubling them, and they replied that they were troubled because they had been unable to believe him.

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    Resurrection of faith and love

    There are several examples of how Jesus wept in the Bible. The first of these is in the Garden of Gethsemane, after his last supper. In this garden, Jesus was faced with his greatest challenge. It was here that He had to prepare for his death, and that made him weep.

    The other time that Jesus wept is after He raised Lazarus from the dead. The reason for His tears is not entirely clear, but we can infer that He was saddened by the fact that the people in Bethany were doubting in His ability and identity. It is possible that he wept in such a case because of his compassion for the grieving people.

    Jesus wept three times in the Bible. These three instances are the most prominent. These incidents show Jesus’ sadness and despair. In fact, this is the shortest verse in the King James Version of the Bible. Verse breaks were introduced in 1551 to make the text more easily comprehensible.

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