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How Many Times Did Jesus Wept in the Bible

    How Many Times Did Jesus Weep in the Bible? how many times did jesus wept in the bible

    If you’re wondering how many times Jesus wept in the Bible, you’ve come to the right place. There are three instances in the Bible where Jesus is shown weeping. The Bible even tells us the reasons why he cried. Let’s examine Psalm 22:1 and the Garden of Gethsemane to understand the reasons behind Jesus’ tears.

    Three times in the bible

    The Bible records three occasions in which Jesus wept. One of these times was on Palm Sunday, when Jesus saw Jerusalem and began to weep. This is described in the Gospel of Luke. In this account, Jesus rode into the city on a donkey. He was surrounded by crowds of people who were waving palm branches and cloaks. In the midst of this glory, Jesus breaks down and weeps.

    While it’s easy to learn the meaning of Jesus’ tears, this verse raises a number of questions. We have to remember that Jesus was God in the flesh, and he had a great plan for the world. Although he had many challenges on his way, he was aware that the end was near, and He would overcome them.

    Reasons for Jesus’s tears

    The Bible records Jesus’s tears for many reasons. First, his tears were due to the sorrow of his friends. Secondly, He saw the pain that was caused by sin and death. Third, He cared deeply for His friends, Martha and Mary. He also knew that Lazarus would rise again. In this way, we can see that His tears were the result of a deep spiritual suffering.

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    Jesus cried over the calamity of sin. Since sin was the wages of sin, it grieves God deeply. As Jesus walked through the city of Jerusalem, he was about to deal with the effects of sin, including death. His tears were also a result of the hardened hearts of the people, caused by their long history of rejecting their Creator. As a result, they did not understand the salvation that Jesus would offer.

    Psalm 22:1

    In the Bible, Jesus wept several times. He wept at the cross, as He was about to die, in the garden of Gethsemane. He wept because of the pain and grief of His people, and He wept for the suffering of mankind. He wept because He longed to bring people back to the Father.

    The Gospel writers, however, did not cite Psalm 22 often. Mark and Luke did not cite Psalm 22 at all, and Matthew only referred to it once, in passing. The Gospel writers noted that Christ fulfilled the Old Testament in other places, but they made very little effort to reference Psalm 22 in a direct way.

    The early Christians alluded to specific passages in the Bible to prove that Jesus was innocent. Isaiah and the Book of Wisdom both portray an innocent person being attacked for trust in God. The death scene in Psalm 22 describes a man suffering because of God’s will. In both of these cases, the innocent sufferer is vindicated.

    Garden of Gethsemane

    The Garden of Gethsemane was one of Jesus’ most vulnerable moments, demonstrating the true humanity of Jesus. In this place where olive trees grow in abundance, Jesus takes his inner circle of disciples and instructs them to watch over Him. However, they cannot remain awake for long, as Jesus is in an agonizing state. During this time, Jesus pleads with God to take the cup of suffering from him and bring forth the kingdom of God without suffering.

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    During this time, Jesus’ tears poured out of Him. He was about to die, and He was facing His greatest struggle. In fact, the Bible mentions Jesus weeping three times: in Heb 5:7 and Matthew 26:37. These passages do not identify a specific date, but they all refer to the Garden of Gethsemane and Jesus’ agony.


    The Bible tells us that Jesus wept at least three times. Most likely, He wept because of the death of Lazarus. Other times, Jesus wept because of the pain and suffering of his friends. This includes Martha and Mary. Even though Jesus knew that He would soon defeat death, he also wept for their loss.

    One of the most iconic examples of Jesus weeping in the Bible is in the Garden of Gethsemane. After the last supper, Jesus went into the garden. This is where he faced his biggest struggle, as the time was drawing nearer to his death. Jesus knew that His disciples would not remain faithful to Him and would fall from grace.