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How Many Times Fear Not in the Bible

    How Many Times Does God Say, “Fear Not” in the Bible?

    We hear the phrase “Fear not,” but how many times is it actually listed in the Bible? It’s a cute saying, but it only appears once. It’s probably because the phrase isn’t a commandment, but it’s a powerful principle to remember.

    Fear not

    “Fear not” is an imperative that Jesus gives us to live our lives free of fear. This command applies to all areas of our lives, including earthly ones such as a failing economy, bad doctor’s report, global unrest, and political prognosticators. For followers of Christ, however, this command has a deeper meaning. We can be confident that God will help us in any situation, and we can trust that He will never leave us. We know that our God is with us, and He knows each of us by name. He is the First and the Last and He will not fail us.

    There are many passages in the Bible where we can find this commandment. It is often spoken by God to a person, such as Abram in Genesis 15:1, Moses in Numbers 21:34, or King Ahaz in Isaiah 7:4. It is a comforting, uplifting passage that will give us hope when we face the challenges of life.

    The fear of death is also an issue in the Bible. The Lord warns us that we should not be afraid of death. He tells us in Matthew 10:28, “Fear not those who kill the body, but not the soul.”

    Fear not other gods

    Fearing God is a commandment that is repeated in the Bible many times. It is important for people to follow God’s laws and not follow the laws of other nations. Fearing God is also important for those who want to be protected from harm. You can pray to God to give you strength in times of temptation.

    Fearing God is a command from God, and it can be difficult to keep that commandment when the world around you is in a state of turmoil. Fortunately, the command is given as an imperative by Jesus and should be taken as a direct command from Him. Certainly, there are earthly reasons to fear, including the failing economy, bad news from doctors, political prognosticators, and the like. However, followers of Christ have more reason to fear God. Unlike other gods, God is never going to fail, and He knows every person by name. In addition, Christ is the First and the Last, and he will never fail us.

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    In the Bible, we are told to fear God and not other gods, yet they faced plenty of reasons to be afraid. Abraham, for example, was told to leave his home without knowing where he was going. Moses, meanwhile, was commanded to confront a powerful ruler. Even Mary and Joseph, future parents of the Messiah, faced public scrutiny.

    Fear not to be a servant of the Chaldees

    The Bible tells us that we must fear the Chaldeans. Before the Babylonians ever conquered Judah, Isaiah prophesied that Babylon would bring judgement on Judah. This prophecy has been repeated countless times since then.

    When the Lord comes to fight, the priest speaks to the people and warns them to stay away from their enemies. The Lord will fight for them and deliver them from their enemies. So we must also fear the Lord. When he arises, he will fight for us.

    Fear of the LORD is a prerequisite to serve God faithfully. This means we must avoid making wars and plundering cities. This command applies to Christians as well. In fact, fear of God was a prerequisite to defeating the rebellious city of Gerar and conquering the city of Jehoshaphat. The Bible also says that a servant of God should obey the authority of his master, even if that master is an emperor.

    The king also commanded the priests, enchanters, and sorcerers to tell the king’s dreams. During this time, the Chaldeans spoke Syrian. So did the priests and scribes.

    The word Kasdim, usually translated as “of the Chaldees,” is a word found a few times in Genesis. It’s normally understood to mean Abraham’s birthplace, but Genesis 11:28 describes Kasdim as the place where Haran died and where Terah and his household departed.

    Fear not thy King

    The Bible contains many passages where God says to “fear not thy King.” Some of these verses are directly spoken by God, such as in Genesis 15:1 where He speaks to Abram, or Numbers 21:34 when he speaks to Moses. Others are spoken indirectly by God, such as in Joshua 8:1, or Isaiah 7:4 where He says to “fear not the King.” The fear not verses can encourage us when we are afraid.

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    Whether we are afraid of a failing economy, global unrest, terrorism, or political prognosticators, the Bible warns us to “fear not” – fear not. While we have earthly reasons to fear – the failing economy, terrorist threats, and political prognosticators – there are greater reasons to fear God. He will not fail us, He knows each of us by name, and He will do marvelous things. Furthermore, Christ is the First and the Last.

    Another example of a Bible passage involving fear is the story of the birth of Jesus. The angel who appeared to Joseph in a dream told him that Mary had been conceived by the Holy Spirit and would give birth to a son. The child would be named Jesus and would save the world from sin. This is a powerful message.

    Throughout Scripture, there are similar references to fear. In fact, this scripture is filled with examples of people who had a fear of the Lord. This is a warning to all who believe that God has a plan for their lives. Fearing the Lord is a fundamental part of the human race. It is the duty of every man to fear God and live in fear of him.

    Fear not, little flock

    We have been told by our Lord Jesus Christ not to fear. God has predestined us to be his children through Jesus Christ. He desires nothing more than to give us his kingdom. Consequently, we are to be obedient and fear not. Fear is an excuse for worry.

    There are several passages in the Bible that tell us not to be afraid. For example, God told Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to be fearless when they made covenant with God. In the Bible, he also said “fear not” to Moses when he descended with the Ten Commandments to deliver the Israelites.

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    Fear not, daughter of Sion

    There are many times in the Bible when God says, “Fear not.” This verse can be encouraging and heartwarming for us, but you must understand that these verses are not addressed to you directly. They are spoken to God and a certain person or situation.

    When Jesus came to Jerusalem, many people rushed to greet him. Some took branches from palm trees, while others cried out and sat on a young ass’ colt. The disciples did not understand the meaning of these things at first, but they remembered it later.

    You may think that the phrase “fear not” is just a cute saying. However, this saying does have a purpose in scripture. God said “let there be light.” This phrase does not have to appear 365 times. It only needs to appear on February 29 every four years.

    Sion was an important place in the Bible. It is said to have a high position in the Holy Land. It is the place where God will fight for his people. He has been with the Israelites in Egypt and through the wilderness. He is with them on their way to this land. Those who fear the Lord must trust him.

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