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How Many Times Is Peace Mentioned in the Bible

    How Many Times is Peace Mentioned in the Bible?how many times is peace mentioned in the bible

    Peace is frequently mentioned in the Bible. In the King James Version alone, it is mentioned more than two hundred times. In the New Testament, it appears one hundred and fifty times. However, it is often used in different ways. It is used in greetings, in the Bible itself, and in Jewish culture.

    237 times in the King James Version

    The King James Version of the Bible contains 188 mentions of peace. While the majority of these instances occur in the Old Testament, there are also many references to peace in the New Testament. Throughout the Bible, the concept of peace is a central theme, and the word is frequently used as a metaphor for salvation.

    The King James Version includes 39 books: the Old Testament, a short intertestamental section, and the 27 books of the New Testament. It is a work of utmost importance to the English-speaking world. The World English Bible (WEB) is a modern translation of the King James Version and is freely available throughout the world.

    Peace is mentioned two hundred and seventy-seven times in the King James Version of the Bible, but the phrase is often misused. For instance, the King James Version reads “if these were silent, they should hold their peace.” This is clearly not Jesus’s intention, and Jesus certainly did not use the idiom “hold your peace” during his ministry. Instead, Jesus uses the word siopesousin, a future tense verb, in the Gospel of Luke.

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    237 times in the Book of Mormon

    The Book of Mormon contains 237 mentions of the word “peace.” It implies a wholeness and completeness and often refers to an external presence. It first appears in Genesis 15:25. The Book of Mormon also uses the word peace in reference to the Shabbat, which is a Jewish celebration that is meant to be a time of rest and quietness. It is also a reference to the state of the heavenly kingdom.

    While the Book of Mormon describes an extensive civilization with millions of people living in close proximity, the historical population base is very small. This means that peace was a rare commodity. Invading armies were forced to retreat and give up territory. In addition, diseases and early death were common.

    Peace is also mentioned many times in the Bible. The word appears 329 times in the King James Bible. Peace is a virtue that should be pursued by everyone, and we should rejoice when it occurs. Throughout the Bible, peace is often a metaphor for salvation.

    135 times in the New Testament

    The New Testament contains numerous passages that emphasize the importance of peace. One of the most notable passages deals with Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who calls on his followers to love their enemies and pray for them. Jesus also taught that we should treat others as we would like to be treated. He even said that the peacemakers would be blessed and become sons of God.

    The Old Testament also includes many texts related to war and peace. These texts are not suited for offensive jihad, but instead are suitable for doctrine, reproof, and correction. Likewise, the apostolic fathers affirmed that peace is an essential part of Christianity.

    During the Tribulation period, the King of the North will attack Israel, but due to the peace treaty between Israel and the enemy, Israel will remain relatively peaceful.

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