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How Many Times Is Prayer Mentioned in the Bible

    How Many Times is Prayer Mentioned in the Bible?

    Did you know that prayer is mentioned 183 times in the Bible? If so, you’re not alone. There are many other biblical references that mention prayer, too. Hannah expresses her gratitude for an answer to her prayer in 1 Samuel, for instance. In the same book, Saul asks God for guidance. However, Saul’s prayers go unanswered because of his sin. In contrast, David’s prayer and questions are answered because of God’s plan for his life.

    185 times

    Prayer is mentioned 185 times in the Bible, with the most prominent mention in the book of Acts. It is also mentioned in the book of Luke and in the book of Revelation. God’s word says that prayer is an important part of his will. The Bible teaches that God hears and answers prayer. Many of the prophets pray for people in their times of need, including the prophet Jeremiah.

    There are many stories of people in the Bible who prayed for answers to their prayers. In 1 Samuel, Hannah thanks God for answering her prayer, and in 1 Samuel 14:37, Saul prays for God’s guidance. His prayer is unanswered because of his sin, but David’s request is answered.

    186 times

    The 186 times that prayer is mentioned in the Bible is an astounding feat. Almost a third of the Bible is devoted to prayer. The New Testament is no different. The Bible contains more prayers than any other book. The most common prayer in the Bible is the Lord’s Prayer. In fact, Jesus prays in the New Testament more than any other book in the Bible.

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    This prayer is not just for good deeds. It is also a plea for forgiveness and pardon. It involves confession of sin, a pledge to worship God forever, and a prayer for God to grant us what we need.

    177 times

    It is hard to count how many times God mentions prayer in the Bible. It all depends on the Bible version you’re reading, the word used to refer to prayer, and the context of each passage. The KJV has 547 mentions of prayer in 513 verses, while the ESV has 322 matches in 293 verses.

    The Bible has plenty of examples of how God answers prayer. Jesus answered the prayer of a deaf man in Mark 7:34, as well as prayer when He healed a man in Luke 5:31. Jesus answered the prayer of a centurion in Matthew 8:13, and answered the prayer of a leper in Matthew 8:2. And we can’t forget that Jesus answered the prayer of the rich man in Luke 18:11-12.

    179 times

    Prayer is a frequent part of the Bible. There are 179 instances in the Bible where prayer is mentioned. In the book of Isa, for example, it is mentioned five times. It is also mentioned in 2 Samuel 7:18-29. In addition, there are other examples where prayer is mentioned. In 2 Samuel 14:37, Saul’s prayer is unanswered because of his sin, but when David prays for guidance and forgiveness of his sins, he is answered.

    Jesus answered prayer 179 times in the Bible. This includes the prayer of Habakkuk who asked for judgment, and prayer by the blind man in Acts 5:31. Prayer is also mentioned in Matthew 8:2 where Jesus answered the prayer of the centurion and leper. The disciples also prayed in Matthew 8:2 for help when they were drowning, and in Luke 18:11-12, prayer is mentioned seven times.

    178 times

    Prayer is mentioned in the Bible 178 times, and many of these instances are in the New Testament. The book of Acts has several instances of prayer, including verses in Acts 3:21-22, 9:27-29, 16:12, and 18:1. Many of these passages describe the importance of prayer in bringing about change in a person’s life. Other passages mention prayer, including Luke 11:44, John 12:26, and Romans 15:5-6.

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    Some of the Bible’s most famous prayers were written by the prophets. In Genesis 15, Abraham prayed for an heir, and God answered his prayer. In Genesis 21, God promised Abraham an heir through Ishmael, and in Genesis 17 Eliezer prayed for a wife for Isaac, and God answered his prayer, because He had promised it.

    190 times

    Prayer is a powerful tool in the Bible. When asked for something specific, God answers it, often times in surprising ways. For example, David prayed to God for revelation and guidance, which God answered partially in 1 Sam 23:2-7. He then prayed for his mother to be healed in 2 Sam 24:11-25. In addition, the Bible mentions prayer 190 times.

    Other biblical examples of prayer include Jehoshaphat’s prayer for judgment and help in 2 Chron 20:6-12. Similarly, the prophet Daniel prayed for a fulfillment of prophecy (550 words; Dan 9:1-19), the kings of Judah prayed for forgiveness (33 words; Isa 11:17), and the sailor Jonah prayed for mercy (Jonah 1:14).

    192 times

    Counting how many times prayer is mentioned in the Bible isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. The exact number of times depends on several factors, including Bible version, the word used for prayer, and the context of the passage. The KJV, for example, lists 547 references to prayer in 513 verses, while the ESV lists 322 mentions in 293 verses.

    In addition to prayer, God answered prayer in the Bible in a variety of ways. In the book of Judges, the nation of Israel prayed for guidance, and in a few cases, He answered that prayer. In 1 Samuel, Hannah prayed for a son, knowing God’s plan for the nation of Israel, and His promise to bless her with a son on her obedience. And in 1 Kings 1:15-18, the king, Saul, prayed for help. In this book, he prayed for help, guidance, and protection.

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    172 times

    The Bible mentions prayer 172 times. Some of the Bible’s most prominent prayers are found in the Bible’s prophetic books. Jeremiah, for example, prayed for judgment and the return of Judah from captivity. He also prayed for the oppressed people of Judah. In fact, there are 15 recorded prayers from this prophet.

    Jesus himself answered prayer many times in the Bible. He answered prayer in Matthew 20:21, Acts 4:31, Mark 7:34-35, and Luke 9:28-29. He also answered prayer in John 11:44 and Luke 18:13. Jesus answered prayer in Matthew 8:2, 3:34, and 13:12. In John 11:44 and 18:13, Jesus answered the prayer of Lazarus.

    David also prayed for God’s guidance in his life and ministry. In 2 Samuel 8:23-36, David’s prayer for wisdom and guidance was answered by God. His faith in God made his prayer effective.