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How Many Times Is Purple Mentioned in the Bible

    How Prominent is Purple in the Bible?

    Purple is a color that is mentioned in the Bible fifty-three times! That means that purple must have played an important role throughout the Bible. But just how prominent is purple in the Bible? Let’s take a look at some of its major references. Exodus 27:16, Revelation 17:4, and the Song of Solomon are just a few. These passages show that purple has a powerful and unique place in the Bible.

    Exodus 27:16

    The colour purple has royal connotations. In the Bible, it is mentioned several times as the colour of kings. For example, in the book of Judges, purple is announced as the colour of the kings. In the same book, King Belshazzar commands Daniel to wear purple because he has interpreted some strange writing on the wall. The king also gives him a gold chain and declares him to be the third highest ruler of the kingdom.

    Revelation 17:4

    The color purple is mentioned in Revelation 17:4. In this book, the color is associated with royalty and wealth. However, it also has many other associations, which make this color a controversial choice. It is also associated with the anti-Christ.

    Song of Solomon

    The Song of Solomon is a record of one woman’s relationship with Solomon. The woman, Shulammite, was very attracted to Solomon, and she was clearly very loved by him. The song illustrates how a woman can pursue intimacy and love in a marriage, and it shows that women have the right to enjoy a man’s body.

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    Exodus 27:17

    Purple is a color that appears often in the Bible, connecting it to power and position. When the king gives Daniel royal clothes made of purple and a gold chain, he declares him third in command over the kingdom. Though King Jesus displayed wealth and power in a very different way, purple is a color that is present in the Bible.

    Exodus 27:18

    Purple was a highly coveted color in the ancient world, a rarity that gave it great prestige. It was the most expensive dye known to the ancient Israelites, and it was the color of choice for the elite and powerful. The Roman Empire even had its own emperor who wore purple clothing. And even today, the Catholic Church uses purple in its apparel.

    Exodus 27:19

    Purple is a color that is often linked with wealth, power, and royalties. It is also very hard to obtain. It comes from a rare, and expensive sea mollusk. Some researchers believe it is related to a blue sea mollusk. It was once said to be worth its weight in silver, so it was a highly prized commodity in ancient times. Purple is also connected with silver, the second-most-noted color. This correlation is reinforced by Greek writings and mythology.

    Exodus 27:20

    In the Bible, the color purple is associated with royalty and power. It was extremely rare and expensive to produce. It was obtained from mollusks that were found in the sea. Many experts believe that it was related to the blue sea mollusk, and it was said to be worth its weight in silver. This symbolic relationship between purple and silver dates back to the ancient world. Even mythological writings confirm that purple and silver have important symbolic meanings.

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    Exodus 27:21

    The purple in Exodus 27:21 is most likely related to the purple ephod. The ephod is a sleeveless garment, which was decorated with five rows of different colors. It was worn with a finely woven linen belt and a finely embroidered waistband. It was also worn by the High Priest. Priests wore this color as part of their ritual attire, and they also trimmed their hair. They also observed the strictest continence, keeping a constant fire burning in their altars.

    Exodus 27:22

    The color purple is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. It was used as the color of the tabernacle’s sheets. The Hebrew word for purple is peg, which means “to pin through.” The word peg is mentioned twice in the passage, referring to the tabernacle and all pegs in the court. It was also used to refer to the pillars of the courtyard.

    Exodus 27:23

    The color purple is mentioned in the Bible many times, including Exodus 27:23. It is important to understand the context of such a mention. In the book of Exodus, God tells Moses to stand on the bank of the river and take his staff that had turned into a snake. This staff has been mentioned in previous passages as well.

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