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How Many Wives Did Abraham Have in the Bible

    How Many Wives Did Abraham Have in the Bible? how many wives did abraham have in the bible

    We know that Abraham had a wife Keturah, but do we know how many concubines did he have? We know that Keturah did not give birth to Isaac, but Abraham’s other sons did. The Bible also states that Jacob had a concubine named Bilhah, who became his wife before giving birth to two sons. Hagar is also named as Abraham’s wife in Genesis 16:3 and Genesis 25:6.


    Keturah is one of Abraham’s wives in the Bible. She was the second wife of Abraham. After Sarah died, Abraham remarried. The Bible does not give details about Keturah’s lineage, but often leaves it up to the reader to interpret what they read.

    Keturah’s first son was named Joktan, after her father. Abraham also had two firstborn sons by his wives, but these were not his firstborns. Hagar and Masek conceived Isaac and Ishmael, but neither was Abraham’s firstborn.

    Keturah’s offspring were not spiritual descendants of Abraham, so their descendants were not heirs to the promise of the Lord. Keturah’s offspring would not have the right to demand anything further than that. In the Bible, Keturah’s children were considered a waste and were not worthy of God’s promises.

    Abraham’s other wives were named Keturah and Hagar. Keturah’s father was Joktan, and her paternal uncle was Peleg. Peleg was Abraham’s “first” son, but Joktan would not become the chief after his father died, and Isaac would succeed him. However, Joktanites were an important part of the Sinai community and helped the Israelites get out of Egypt and survive the wilderness.

    Keturah is mentioned in the Bible in two passages, namely the Book of Genesis and the First Book of Chronicles. Abraham married Keturah when she was 140 years old. Keturah was the second wife of Abraham, after Sarah. Abraham had six sons through Keturah.

    Keturah is referred to as a concubine in Genesis 25:1 and a wife in 1 Chronicles 1:32. Some Bible believers may be confused about the difference between the two titles. Keturah was Abraham’s wife, but her title in the Bible is confusing to some Bible believers.


    Keturah was Abraham’s third wife, and together they bore 16 children. She is mentioned in Genesis 25:1-4 and 25:6. She is not referred to by her own name, but with the concubines. The Bible considers the two as one entity, rather than two separate persons.

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    After Sarah died, Abraham married Keturah. Keturah bore Abraham six other sons. They were called Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuah. Keturah was 117 years old when she gave birth to Isaac, but she had a child with another man.

    Keturah and Hagar had the same status in the clan as Sarah. She may have been Hagar, which would explain the subtle allusion to Sarah. However, it is unclear whether Hagar was Abraham’s first wife or his second. Keturah is Abraham’s third wife.

    According to the Bible, Abraham married six women. The first two wives were adulterous and idolatrous. Jacob’s first wife, Rachel, was infertile for several years. He married four more women in his lifetime, including one who was his friend, Bilnah. In addition, he had wives from Moab, Ammon, Edom, and Sidon.

    Abraham married Keturah after Sarah died. She bore him Zimran, Jokshan, and Dedan. The descendants of Keturah are the Asshurim, Letushim, and Midian. Abraham also had three sons with Keturah. Their first child was named Ishmael.

    In addition to Sarah and Isaac, Abraham had several concubines. Sarah was the mother of Isaac, but she was not Sarah’s wife. Her other concubine, Bilhah, was Jacob’s maid. She gave birth to two sons before Abraham called her his wife. Genesis 16:3 calls Hagar Abraham’s wife, and Genesis 25:6 implies that she was Abraham’s concubine.


    In the Bible, Abraham had several wives. Some of them were named Keturah, Sarah, and Hagar, and some were unnamed. Sarah was the mother of Abraham’s sons, Keturah is also named as his wife. Keturah’s name varies depending on who is reading the story. Keturah is a woman of virtue, according to the Rabbis. She remarried Abraham after Sarah died, and was the mother of his children. Her children were both a blessing to the nations and a threat to Israel, according to the story.

    After Sarah died, Abraham remarried, and the Bible records three wives. The Jewish tradition says that Hagar was Abraham’s second wife, while most accounts say it was Keturah. Abraham and Sarah were promised a son by God. In order to fulfill that promise, Sarah gave Abraham her servant Hagar as his secondary wife. The two had a son named Ishmael.

    After Sarah died, Abraham married Keturah, who bore him six sons. Keturah’s lineage is not fully explained in the Torah. The Bible only records details where necessary and leaves the interpretation to the readers. This means that the exact number of wives is unknown. However, we do know that Abraham married Keturah twice.

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    According to the Bible, Abraham had several wives. Queen Esther was also a part of his harem. Boaz also had a wife, but was obligated to marry Ruth due to legal obligations. The Bible has several other examples of polygamy. And Jesus had two wives, too.

    Abraham’s first wife was named Sarah, but his second wife, Hagar, was named Hagar. While his son was named Ishmael, Abraham’s first wife, Sarah, remained faithful to her husband. In the end, he did not want to abandon the firstborn son and his mother.


    Abimelech is a biblical character from the book of Judges. He is a Philistine king who lived in Gerar. His story is cautionary. He was married to a woman who was a sister to Abraham. The two of them had a son, Abimelech, who was the son of Abraham’s brother, Gideon.

    Abraham traveled to a new area where Abimelech, the king of Gerar, wanted to take Sarah as his wife. He tried to seduce her but God intervened. Abimelech was about to touch Sarah, but God stopped him. Abimelech then complained to Abraham, who explained that Sarah was Abraham’s half-sister. After this incident, Abimelech was healed.

    Abimelech had lavished Abraham with gifts and invited him to graze his flock in his land. He also recognized Abraham’s intercession and personhood, and had a dispute over a water well. Abraham and Abimelech eventually made a covenant at Beersheba well (the well of seven swearings).

    Abraham moved to Gerar after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. While there, he was still in the southern region. He lived between Kadesh and Shur and was near Gerar. When the LORD promised Abraham a son, he had to trust Sarah to be his son’s mother. Abraham and Sarah then perpetrate a ruse to avoid God.

    Abimelech may have wanted an alliance with Abraham for economic or prestige reasons. This seems to be an unconventional goal, but it does make sense. Abimelech was a powerful king. He may have wanted to make things easier for himself by lying to Sarah.

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    Abraham had many wives, and some of them bore many children. Keturah was his second wife after Sarah died. She bore him Zimran, Jokshan, and Dedan. The descendants of Dedan were Asshurim, Letushim, and Midian. Keturah bore Abraham a son called Shuah, as well. The other sons Abraham had by Keturah went to the land of the East.

    Some believe that Abraham had multiple wives, but biblical sources do not specify the number. Some texts call Keturah Abraham’s wife, while others call her a concubine. Abraham had concubines, including Hagar and Bilhah, though these women are not considered wives.

    Polygamy was a major issue in ancient Israel. Two of Abimelech’s sons were born to different mothers, which caused rivalry for inheritance and kingship. Although they had different mothers, the sons of Abimelech were loyal to their mother and her clan.

    Abraham had three wives in the Bible. The first wife, Sarah, was his principal wife. She had legal and social rights, and her child was Abraham’s heir. In addition, Abraham also had another wife named Hagar, who was a slave who served Abraham and Sarah.

    Keturah was Abraham’s second wife. She bore him seven children. She is often called a “wife” in Scripture, though she was actually a “concubine” in the Bible. Keturah was legally married to Abraham, but was a concubine to Sarah, the first woman Abraham married. Keturah may have been Sarah’s concubine, but she was elevated to the status of wife after Sarah’s death.

    The Bible is not clear on how many wives Abraham had in the Bible, but many of the men recorded in the Bible had many wives. Some had wives, while others had only one. Abraham was married to a number of women, but his first wife, Sarah, had seven wives. Later, he moved his capital from Hebron to Jerusalem and married Bathsheba, who bore him four sons.

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