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How Many Wives Did Jacob in the Bible Have

    How Many Wives Did Jacob in the Bible Have? how many wives did jacob in the bible have

    Did you know that Jacob had seven wives? In the Bible, Jacob was the son of Isaac and Joseph, and had ten children with his seven wives. After serving Laban for six years, Jacob married Rachel and had two sons. In addition to his seven wives, Jacob had many concubines. This list may surprise you, but you can rest assured that the biblical record is accurate.

    Jacob had seven wives

    The biblical story of Jacob and his seven wives is very intriguing. He was the son of a farmer named Laban, and his father, Laban, decided to marry him to Rachel, the younger daughter of his brother Esau. However, Laban deceived Jacob and gave him Leah instead of Rachel as his wife. Laban told Jacob that it was customary for him to give his younger daughter first, but Jacob refused. Jacob then feared Esau’s anger and married Leah instead, but she was still a virgin. In addition, Laban did not pay him fairly for his labor. Jacob also learned that Esau and his 400 men were coming to meet him.

    The biblical story of Jacob’s wives is very interesting, and it’s also a wonderful illustration of God’s blessings. Leah bore him six sons, including Reuben, Simeon, and Levi. Jacob and Rachel also had a daughter, Rachel, who was later married to Jesus Christ. Although there are several problems with polygamy, it’s important to note that God allows it even in the ancient times.

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    He served Laban for six years

    It is recorded in Genesis that Jacob served Laban for six years, and then stayed with him for another six. He was willing to serve Laban in exchange for Rachel, but in the end, he was not able to settle on any terms with him. Despite Laban’s efforts to defraud him, G-d still blessed Jacob, and his flocks multiplied rapidly. He was soon a wealthy man, and became the center of attention in the country. Soon, sheep breeders from all over the land came to trade with him. Jacob’s household also grew, acquiring many slaves and servants.

    Jacob’s wife was not content with this arrangement, and he argued with her about it. Laban had favored his sons, but considered Jacob and his wives a liability. Consequently, he sold his two daughters to Jacob, and Laban spent the proceeds of the sale on himself.

    He married Rachel for two years

    Jacob’s marriage to Rachel was fraught with complications. First, Jacob had to pay his father’s debt of a bride-price, the mohar. In the Jewish tradition, a man must pay this bride-price before he can marry a woman. Jacob agrees, but only after he’s paid the bride-price in full. Eventually, Jacob manages to get Rachel married and has a child.

    They had thirteen children altogether. Those children formed the basis of the tribes of Israel. Of their 13 children, 10 were ancestors of a specific tribe. Rachel bore Jacob two daughters, Dinah and Joseph. Her six sons did not find a tribe. The tribes that followed were named after their fathers: Reuben and Simeon. They later became the ancestors of the Levites and the Davidic monarchy. Jacob also had children with Leah and Rachel’s daughter Reuben.

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    He had two sons with Rachel

    After spending twenty years with Laban, Jacob and his family retreated back to Canaan. Rachel, the daughter of his uncle Laban, had stolen some of her father’s teraphim, or household gods. Jacob, who was afraid of Esau’s anger, sent gifts to Esau to make up for his stolen teraphim. Jacob was rescued from Esau’s anger when he wrestled with God in the wilderness, and his name became Israel.

    During this period, Rachel was desperate to have children and gave Jacob her maidservant Bilhah to act as a surrogate mother. Bilhah bore two sons for Leah and Rachel. These sons are named Gad and Asher. Jacob and Leah later adopted their sons and gave them names. In exchange for Bilhah’s help, Rachel gave Jacob the right to sleep with her. Although this arrangement worked, Jacob’s children seemed less than perfect and were unable to live up to Rachel’s expectations.

    He had six sons with Leah

    Jacob had six sons with Leah, and each of them was different in their own ways. Jacob loved Rachel more than he loved Leah, so he gave more attention and affection to her. Even though Leah bore Jacob seven children, she knew that her heart belonged to Rachel.

    While Jacob tended to be dominant, his wives and co-wives also had some influence. However, when they are united, their influence is diminished. This is evident in the uncontrolled friction among Jacob’s children. Nevertheless, Leah received a blessing, and both she and Isaac are buried with Jacob.

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    He had two sons with Rachel for two years

    Jacob has been married to Rachel for two years and she is pregnant with her second son. It is not clear how she became pregnant; she had been waiting for two years before giving birth. This is a common story in the Bible. However, Rachel is not the only one who is pregnant. Her sister Rachel also became pregnant and gave birth to a son. Jacob and Rachel’s first son was named Judah. The second son was named Joseph after her father. The story of Rachel’s pregnancy is very interesting because it shows the importance of God’s provision.

    Jacob and Rachel met in Haran, where Rachel wore a veil. Jacob agreed to marry Rachel, but Leah, her sister, was older and less attractive. Laban promised Rachel to Jacob in exchange for seven years of service. Jacob accepted and married her. After seven years, Laban gave Rachel to another woman. The reason for this was that he was supposed to marry off his oldest daughter first. However, Jacob preferred Rachel.