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How Many Wives Had Solomon in the Bible

    How Many Wives Had Solomon in the Bible?

    In First Kings 11:3, we read that Solomon had about 700 wives and 300 concubines. This is not a good idea since Scriptures strongly warn against multiple wives and violating the commandment on monogamy. This is why we need to be careful and heed the warnings of Scriptures.

    Solomon’s wife list

    The Bible records that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. If true, this would mean that Solomon had about a dozen children per woman and about half of them were children. However, archaeologists are unsure exactly how many wives and concubines Solomon had. However, they do know that his wife list was not complete.

    In his third year of reign, Solomon married the daughter of Pharaoh. From this, we can estimate his age. According to 1 Kings 2:39, Solomon would have been about 33 when he married the daughter of the Pharaoh. However, there are other theories as to why Solomon married the daughter of a Pharaoh.

    One theory is that Solomon sought women more than he sought God. This may be due to his loneliness. While he loved many women, he prioritized his first wife, the daughter of Pharaoh. However, after a visit from the queen of Sheba, he began to marry multiple women. He remained faithful to his wife for several years, but eventually got involved with a large number of foreign wives, and some of them were idolatrous.

    During Solomon’s reign, the Jews experienced a golden age. Their country was respected, neighboring nations respected them, and the economy was strong. He married the daughter of a Pharaoh and made peace treaties with other nations. These peace deals made life easier for all of them, and the people of Israel enjoyed the prosperity.

    Although it is impossible to say for certain, we do know that Solomon married numerous women from other cultures. His first wife was the daughter of Pharaoh, but she is not named in the Bible. Solomon married her because of his desire to cement his political alliance with Egypt. The other wives were foreign princesses whom he loved and clung to for love. One of them, Naamah the Ammonite, was the mother of Rehoboam.

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    The Scriptures show that Solomon had many wives and concubines. His wives turned his heart away from God and turned him toward other gods. The Bible describes this as a sinful act. Besides the wives, he also had three hundred concubines. This is a grave offense against God, and the consequences of these actions were reflected in Solomon’s marriages.

    God’s reaction to his disobedience

    The Bible records that Solomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. However, despite the number of wives he had, Solomon did not follow God’s commandments regarding monogamy. Instead, he chose foreign women who worshiped other gods. This means that his wives were not in agreement with God’s plans for marriage. This led to Solomon’s fall from grace and his subsequent divorce from his first wife.

    One theory says that Solomon had as many as seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. The Bible also mentions that many of these women were princesses. This means that Solomon had more marriage partners than any man should have. In fact, many prominent men in the Bible had a large number of concubines. Other biblical figures who had a lot of concubines were Abraham, David, and Saul.

    The Bible does allow Christian men to have more than one wife. King David also had many wives, but he did not follow the guidance of the Bible. However, if you are a Christian man and you want to have more than one wife, you should seek guidance from your church.

    Archaeologists have estimated that Jerusalem’s population was around 2000 in the tenth century BCE. Therefore, if Solomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines, that means every adult woman in Jerusalem had to have been his wife or concubine. Obviously, a man like Solomon wouldn’t want to live in a city without marriage opportunities, but the number of women he had would be staggering.

    Solomon’s disobedience of God’s command to have more than one wife led to 400-500 years of apostasy. God then removed the Israelites from the land and brought them back as two tribes of the southern kingdom. These tribes were then able to rebuild the temple and rebuild Jerusalem, under the leadership of Ezra.

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    While Solomon was a successful king, he was far from superman. His failures were a result of his lack of romantic and sexual restraint. His desire to destroy his enemies was not in accordance with God’s plan for his life. He also believed that he could defeat God’s will. But God’s word through the prophet Ahijah proved to be true.

    His marriage to a heathen princess

    God forbade marriages between males and females who were not related. This included intermarriage and idolatry. God also ordained that one man have only one wife. However, Solomon had 999 wives. One woman was his legitimate mother. Therefore, Solomon’s marriages to other women were considered adulterous.

    Solomon also had numerous concubines and wives, many of whom turned his heart away from God. These wives made him sacrifice to idols and detestable gods. Because of this, God warned him to not intermarry with foreigners, as such marriages would lead to the worship of false gods.

    Moreover, Solomon’s wives were not from Israel, which was considered an immoral act. The Lord had prohibited intermarriage and sexual relations between Israelites and other nations. His wives were from nations where it was forbidden to practice monogamy. Solomon was fearful that they might turn him away from the Lord.

    Solomon also broke the law of Moses, which forbade kings to multiply wives, horses, and silver and gold. He violated these rules more than David. His marital alliances were primarily motivated by political interests. However, the Bible does not mention how many wives Solomon had, and it does not mention how many children he had.

    His concubines

    It’s estimated that King Solomon had over 700 wives and concubines during his reign. These wives included a daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh, as well as women of Moabite, Edomite, Sidonian, and Hittite descent. Some scholars suggest that Solomon married these women for political reasons, while others say that he did so out of love.

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    The Bible tells us that King Solomon had countless concubines and wives. First Kings 11:3 tells us that he had seven hundred wives and concubines. Keeping multiple wives is against the commandment of God. In addition, the Torah also forbade intermarriage. However, Solomon used these alliances to expand his kingdom’s influence.

    Solomon’s concubines were not allowed to be married to other men. He rationalized his decision to marry another woman by pointing to his father’s example. But the fact of the matter is that Solomon broke God’s rules from the start. Although Solomon had multiple wives, none of them were the daughters of king David.

    King Solomon’s concubines were foreign women. These women were not Israelite, and Solomon himself was drawn to them. In the Bible, foreign women were often symbols of sex, seduction, and fertility cults. While some concubines were beneficial, many were detrimental to the Israelite community.

    Solomon’s concubines were primarily used for selfish reasons. His harem included a daughter of Pharaoh of Egypt. Solomon married this daughter after he had completed his own house. Later, he built the temple of the LORD in Jerusalem and a wall around the city. Then, he also became involved with foreign affairs, such as when the queen of Sheba heard about his fame and travelled to him to test him.

    Solomon had at least 300 concubines. The Bible says that a man should marry someone of his tribe, but it doesn’t exclude concubines. In fact, Jacob had four sons from his concubines, and Abraham had his first child through his concubine.

    As for the concubines of King Solomon, some of them were quite successful and powerful. Solomon ruled for nearly a century and a half, but his apostasy did not bring him to heaven. As a result, his son, Rehoboam, a man who was not willing to obey the Lord, died in shame. This may be the reason for the lack of a happy or hopeful ending in the Bible.