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How Many Words Are in the Bible Kjv

    How Many Words Are in the Bible?

    It’s hard to say exactly how many words are in the bible, but we can estimate it to be somewhere around 783,137 words. However, there are different versions that vary in word count, and the number of extra-biblical texts may have increased the overall number. Over the years, extra-biblical texts have been found and translated, but their accuracy is disputed by some laymen. For our purposes, we’ll stick to the King James Version, which has the most classically accurate word count and is considered the standard bible.


    Words in the bible vary between different translations and even between different editions of the same Bible. While the New International Version is reported to contain 726,109 words, the King James Version has approximately 783,137 words. However, many words have been edited out of the various editions. Even though many Bible translations share similar words and phrases, they contain differences in style and meaning.

    The word count in the Bible has never been explained. The KJV contains italicised words, which were added by the original editors of the Bible. It also has section headings, which group together different parts of the Bible. For example, the Bible contains names of its 66 books, which account for around 375 words.

    The Authorized Bible (KJV) was originally printed in 1631. However, the printers neglected to include the word not in Exodus 20:14. This led to the infamous error: the word “thou shalt commit adultery.” Because of the misprint, King Charles II ordered all copies of the bible to be burned. In 1631, it became a crime to own a Bible that contained misprinted words.

    Copyrights for the Bible KJV do not allow the use of the Bible’s content without permission. While copyrights do not prohibit reproduction of the Bible, new versions must differ from the original enough to be considered a unique work.

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    The Bible is a collection of writings that contain both sacred and secular content. It is composed of 79,847 words and is written in the Hebrew language. There are three parts to the Bible: the Torah, the Neviim, and the Ketuvim. Together, these books make up the entire Hebrew Bible. These books are written in biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, and many people believe them to be the words of God. They were canonized during the Babylonian Exile and contain a total of 304,805 characters.


    The Bible contains over 140,521 words. These words are often used to describe a particular book of the Bible. Words in the Bible are also used to describe events and people. One example of a word is “God.” Many people associate this word with heavenly beings. However, this word actually refers to a person.

    The Bible has a total of 140,521 words in the King James Version (KJV). This number includes a few extra words in the Greek version. Some of these words appear only in footnotes. These additional words are usually not present in the English translation of the Bible. Some of these words are “toward” and “among.” Another example is “lifting.”

    There are many words that are not in the Bible, and the KJV does not use these words. Some of the words that are used in the King James Version are not in the English language at all. For example, in Matthew 6, “God forbid” means “may not be” rather than “God forbid.” Other words such as “may not” are used in the King James Bible.

    The Bible has a long history, with fascinating stories and controversial topics. Some people believe that God inspired the Bible, but this is debated. Nonetheless, some Christians believe that the Bible was written by human authors.

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    The Bible is a long book and is comprised of many words. There are over 304,805 words in the King James Version. The word count is not exactly straightforward to calculate, as different translations use different word counts. For example, the Hebrew/Aramaic Old Testament contains 304,901 words, while the Greek New Testament contains only 138,213 words.

    Despite the huge volume of the Bible, a quick search on Amazon revealed more than a hundred thousand matches for the phrase “bible”. In addition to different Bible versions, there are also many different languages and formats. As of May 2015, Bibles were available in more than one language and in different formats.

    According to Robert J. Matthews, chairman of the Ancient Scriptures department at Brigham Young University, the KJV contains over 304,805 words. Among these, about 15,000 are unique to this translation. It is also possible to use a concordance to search for words in the Bible.

    Some Bible translations include deuterocanonical literature, which is sometimes called “The Apocrypha” in some translations. These books were not included in the canonized Hebrew Tanakh. They were added to the Greek version of the Bible in the third to first centuries BCE. Different religious groups have added different versions of these books to their translations.


    The King James Authorized Bible contains 783,137 words. This means that if you were to type all the words in the Bible at 60 words per minute, it would take you over two and a half hours. It also contains 3,116,480 letters. While the word count is impressive, there are also many errors. For instance, the “not” in “Thou shalt not commit adultery” was accidentally omitted from the original text.

    It is impossible to know the exact word count of the Bible in its original Hebrew language. However, different translations contain different word counts. This is because the number of words varies from edition to edition, and even from language to language. Some of the later versions removed obsolete words.

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    The Bible contains 66 books, or portions, called chapters. Before the 12th century, the Bible was not divided into chapters. In 1550, Stephen Langton introduced chapter divisions. A few centuries later, Robert Estienne introduced a system of numbering the verses. Today, the Bible contains 31,102 verses. The shortest verse is in John 11:35, which says, “Jesus wept,” while the longest verse is in the book of Esther, with 78 words.

    Despite this differences, all Bibles contain over two million words. However, the KJV contains fewer words than the NIV. The KJV was translated during the Religious War in England. It was written by a team of translators who suffered persecution. The NASB bible, in contrast, is an updated version that provides greater understanding of God’s word.


    The Bible is an interesting work of literature that has many controversial subjects and a long history. The King James Authorized Bible contains seventy-three thousand and four hundred and sixty-seven words. While many people disagree about the number of human authors, the Bible is said to be a revelation from God.

    The Bible is made up of many different versions. Some versions contain more words than others. For instance, the Old Testament contains more names than the New Testament. The Old Testament also has some books that are similar to the New Testament, but the Old Testament has a richer style. The Bible contains the shortest words, such as a, I, and O, and also the longest.