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How to Cite the Bible in Apa 7th Edition

    How to Cite the Bible in APA 7th Edition

    When citing the Bible, the title of the book and the year of publication are italicized. The author and translator’s names, as well as the chapter and line number, must be included in the reference. If the original publication date is uncertain, use the republished date.

    Italicize the title of the Bible

    When citing a Bible, it is important to properly italicize the title. The Bible is a specific work, and you must cite it correctly. The New King James Version is the most commonly used version. The New King James Version was published in 1892.

    You may use footnotes to cite copyright attribution instead of parenthetical in-text citations when citing the Bible. Footnotes are a simpler way to include copyright attribution and may not be necessary. However, it is best to follow the standard biblical abbreviations.

    Italicize the year

    When citing the Bible, you must italicize the year and the current version. This is because it is unclear when the original text was published. You must also include the name of the book and chapter, as well as the verse itself. If the Bible is an online version, you should include the URL as well.

    Whenever citing the Bible, it is important to cite the exact title of the work. Bible versions should not be included in italics, and canonical numbering is preferred. You must also use parenthetical style when citing more than one verse from the Bible.

    Italicize the chapter name

    APA style requires that you italicize the book title or chapter name of a book. The chapter author’s last name should also be italicized. In addition, the editor’s name must be in the standard order. For more information, see APA publication manual section 9.29.

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    Bible references must also indicate the version of the Bible used. You can also include the date the version was originally published. The name of the Bible version should be abbreviated if it’s not the original one. You do not have to include the year of the republishing.

    In the APA format, biblical citations should appear on the reference page. This is because religious texts are classified as “classical works” in APA style. Earlier, they would be in-text citations. However, APA 7th edition has changed the in-text format and requires bible citations to appear in the reference page.

    The seventh edition of the Publication Manual includes changes to level three, four, and five headings. The APA style rules for APA reference lists still apply, although you can now list up to 20 authors. You should also make sure that the last listed author appears after the ellipsis (…).