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How to Get a Free Bible in the Mail

    How to Get a Free Bible in the Mail

    If you’d like to receive a free Bible, there are several ways to get one. You can get one online, through the mail, or even in person, depending on your location. If you live in the United States, you can receive your free bible from Bibles for America. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing free Christian books to people across the nation.

    Living on a Dime

    If you are living on a tight budget, there are a few ways to get a free Bible in the mail. One way is to use the Living on a Dime website, which is a blog dedicated to saving money. Their website has a special section dedicated to free Bibles. All you have to do is add the Bible to your online shopping cart and enter the coupon code. This website relies on donations, so they are unable to honor every request.

    Another way to get a free Bible is to download it to your computer. Many free Bibles have study Bibles, concordances, and audio options. WayFm, an internet radio station, also provides free Bibles in digital form. These are usually in the New Living Translation, which is the same translation that you use for your Bibles.

    Free Bibles are also available through some local churches. Sometimes these are pocket-sized versions, or large study versions. You can contact your local church and ask them if they have free Bibles.

    Blue Letter Bible

    The Blue Letter Bible is a searchable online Bible that you can get free of charge. It comes with over 30 different Bible translations and is an excellent tool for Bible study. In addition to the online Bible, it has tools for cross-referencing verses and words, and audio and text commentaries. You can also find dictionaries, maps, images, and charts that help you learn the language of the Bible.

    Another way to get a free Bible is to look for book sharing boxes, or “Little Free Libraries,” that are displayed near people’s homes. You can find a list of registered locations by visiting the Little Free Library website. However, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a free Bible. Some organizations, like Gideons International, distribute Bibles for free at hotels and other locations.

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    Gideons International

    If you’re looking for a free Bible, the Gideons International ministry can help you. This organization is comprised of Christian businessmen, retired men, and pastors who are dedicated to distributing God’s Word worldwide. Interested individuals should visit the Gideons International website to learn more.

    You can also request a free Bible from Bible societies, which have reasonable prices and are happy to fulfill your request. But you should note that this is not a guarantee that you’ll get a free Bible in the mail. Alternatively, you can send a request to a local Gideons chapter for a Bible for a particular location.

    The Gideons International was founded in 1899 by a group of Christian businessmen who shared the same passion for Bible distribution. Since then, they have given out more than 1.6 billion Bibles in 193 countries in 90 languages. The organization has a goal of distributing 2 billion Bibles in the next few years.

    Kids Club for Jesus

    A Kids Club for Jesus Bible is a great way to get your kids interested in the Christian faith. These one-hour programs are designed to meet kids where they are: on their level and in their environment. They are designed to build faith and character in children and help them become better Christians.

    The free Kids Club for Jesus Bible comes in a variety of formats. You can choose to get a downloadable version, or you can print a copy and mail it to your child. There are 52 lessons to choose from. The curriculum is flexible, and the handbooks are age-appropriate. This allows your ministry to grow without having to change formats.

    You can choose to get a free Bible in the mail if you sign up with Kids Club for Jesus. You can choose from either the new or old testament. You can choose to have your children work through the curriculum on their own or in groups with other kids. The curriculum is downloadable as a PDF, and includes numerous resources including the NIV text and a question page.

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    U.S. Bible Society

    Free Bibles are available for a variety of needs, including the homeless, those in jail, and those in need of a Bible to read at home. There are several ways to get a free Bible in the mail, including ordering a Bible from a Bible society. Bible societies often have bulk pricing, and you can get Bibles for a large group for very little money.

    Free Bibles can also be obtained through local churches. Many local churches have a surplus of Bibles that they distribute to those in need. These churches may offer a pocket-sized Bible or a larger study Bible, depending on the need. You should visit a church to find out if they have any free Bibles available.

    The American Bible Society is expanding its Bible giveaway offer. After Kanye West’s Jesus is King album went viral, the society received more than 6,000 requests to give away free Bibles. The organization is currently fulfilling requests until Nov. 22.


    Gideons are lay persons of good standing in the evangelical church who distribute free Bibles to people in need. They distribute over a million Scriptures every week, or two copies per second. They leave Bibles in motels and hotels, and even place them in hospitals and doctor’s offices. These Bibles are provided at no cost to their recipients, thanks to the support of churches.

    The Gideons ministry has chapters in communities, prisons, military bases, and emergency service stations. These organizations distribute Bibles to those in need, and they encourage people to read the Bible every year. If you would like to receive your own free Bible, contact the Gideons office in your local area and request a free Gideons Bible.

    Gideons International has global headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Each Gideon is assigned to a local group, called a “camp.” Camp members meet once a week for a prayer breakfast and once a month for educational events. They encourage people to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

    Gideons International does not ship to prison inmates

    As a Gideon in the Los Angeles area for decades, I’ve been blessed to facilitate the distribution of Scriptures to over 20,000 prisoners in Los Angeles County jails each year. As a former defense attorney, I know firsthand the pain and despair felt by prisoners. Gideons and their auxiliary partner with local chaplains to gain access to prisons and are grateful for the opportunity.

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    One of the most well-known Gideons International projects is Bible distribution in jails and prisons. The ministry has thousands of members in over 180 countries. Bibles are distributed in jails, prisons, schools, and military bases. The organization also provides Bibles to military chaplains. While it may not be the most visible way to share the Gospel, Bibles have the ability to inspire and encourage those in need.

    The Gideons International organization has been around for over 120 years. Today, the organization’s staff and volunteers in Western Ukraine are helping refugees with practical needs while sharing Gospel hope. One field representative is housing 22 people and holds prayer meetings with non-believing neighbors.

    Gideons International accepts requests for free bibles

    The Norwegian branch of Gideons International is preparing to increase the rate of Bible distribution in the country. The group is planning to send Bibles to fleeing Ukrainians and wants to increase the number of recipients. They also plan to distribute the Bibles to high schools, colleges, and hotels.

    Bibles are available in English, Spanish, and other major languages. The Gideons International distributes Bibles in over 100 languages free of charge. In 2015 alone, they distributed over 2 billion Bibles. Bibles cost about $5 to print and distribute.

    The Gideons are an organization of evangelical Christian laymen. Their mission is to distribute the Bible to people around the world who do not have access to it. The group gives away over a million Scriptures every week, or two per second. They also place Bibles in hotels, motels, and hospitals to give them to the sick and the elderly. These Bibles are given away at no cost because churches support Gideons with prayers and Bible donations.

    Another option for those in need of a free Bible is to request a copy from a local church. These churches usually have a large supply of Bibles. These Bibles can be pocket-sized or larger study versions. If you can’t find a church in your area, contact the church you attend and ask if they have any free bibles.