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How to Pronounce Ephrathah in the Bible

    How to Pronounce Ephrathah in the Bible how to pronounce ephrathah in the bible

    If you’ve ever wanted to know how to pronounce ephrathah, you’re not alone. Pronunciation of biblical words is not always clear, and Bible words can be difficult to pronounce correctly for those outside of the Bible. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources online to help you learn how to pronounce ephrathah.

    ‘Kanaph’ (3670); ‘Knath’ (3674); ‘Knath’ (3678); ‘Knath’ (5651); ‘Nec’ (5651); ‘Nec’ (5651); ‘Kciyl’ (5651); ‘Kciyl’ (5651); ‘Kciyl’ (5651); ‘Kciyl’ (5651);

    The word ephrathah is pronounced ee-ph-thah. This word comes from the primitive root kciyl, meaning a constellation or place in Palestine. It also means fatness or silliness. The feminine form of kciyl is kinnereth. The word is also derived from the word kecel, which means “trust.”

    This word was originally used to describe a bird-trap, a basket, or a cage. In biblical Hebrew, it’s also used to refer to an Israelite, a Chelubai. It also has a plural form of kalah (3627).

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