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Is Damn in the Bible

    Who is Damned in the Bible?

    There are several different types of people who are damned in the bible. One group includes those who covet and consume the goods of other Christians. Another group is the unrepentant wicked. Depending on the context, people may be condemned for doubting, eating, or drinking. Some Christians are considered to be damned by God if they are unable to repent.

    He that doubteth is damned if he drinks

    In the Scriptures, a person who doubts is damned if he eats, drinks, or practices any other action that contradicts faith. The passage from Romans warns against eating meat offered to an idol and verses like 2 Thessalonians 2:12 warn against believing in anything that is not based on faith. The Bible also warns against the hypocrisy of those who doubt.

    The New Living Translation translates the Bible verse as He that doubteth is damned. The CSB version of the Bible verse says, “A man who doubts is a sinner.” Doubting are sins and are considered an abomination before God.

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