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Is Russia the Bear in the Bible

    Is Russia the Bear in the Bible? is russia the bear in the bible

    Is Russia the bear in the Bible? If you’re asking this question, you aren’t alone. This country is a rising threat, the king of the east, and closely allied with Iran. There are many reasons to be wary of this bear and its aggressive policies, but let’s examine them one by one.

    Russia is the bear in the bible

    There are several theories on why Russia is the bear in the Bible. According to Dr. Armstrong, who studied Ezekiel 38:2 in 1909, “the kingdom of the north” is Russia, and “Magog” is a reference to the nation that will invade Israel in the Book of Ezekiel.

    Russia is mentioned in the Bible only a handful of times. It is first mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39, where a nation from northern Asia attacks Israel. Although Russia lost its superpower status during the Cold War, recent events in the world have shown that it is gaining strength again. Earlier, Moscow allied with several Muslim nations in opposition to Israel, but that alliance has since crumbled.

    It’s a growing threat

    According to Bible prophecies, Russia is a growing threat to the world. Russia, Ukraine, and the five other nations mentioned in Ezekiel are mentioned in the Bible. While none of these nations is currently under Russian control, they are likely to be in the future.

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    Russia’s behavior has created a sense of fear in many nations and peoples. The country has repeatedly rejected peace agreements across Europe and has continued to take aim at NATO, a voluntary defensive alliance that protects almost a billion people across Europe and North America. The country is also taking aim at the governing principles of international peace, established after two world wars and the cold war. These principles of international law reject the right of a nation to impose arbitrary borders or to have a sphere of influence that can subjugate its neighboring countries.

    It’s a king of the east

    The future evil leader of Russia will make alliance with other nations in order to surround Israel during the last days. However, we do not know when that will happen. It may be hundreds of years from now. The Bible does not specify the date for the end times, and it cautions Christians to avoid setting dates.

    Russia has an intense interest in the Middle East. It is involved in the region for military, economic, and religious reasons. Since the Middle East has been a major battleground in the last 200 years, the Russian government usually gets involved in conflicts involving the region. Those who believe in prophecy are apt to think that the Bible refers to Russia’s role in this conflict.

    It’s allied with Iran

    Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the relationship between Russia and Iran has intensified. The two sides have held frequent talks and signed military and economic agreements. These recent engagements highlight their concerted efforts to boost the alliance. Since the invasion, President Putin and President Raisi have spoken four times, and Putin visited Iran in July 2022.

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    Iran is an important geopolitical ally to Russia. The Islamic Republic has provided Syrian and Afghan forces to the Syrian regime, and has also provided considerable financial support to the Syrian government. Russia also provides air support, artillery, and intelligence to Damascus. The two countries have also worked closely with the Tehran-friendly government of Iraq. In June of last year, Iran granted Russia permission to use its airspace for cruise missile strikes in Syria.

    It’s allied with Turkey

    The two countries have a history of tense relations. The US has threatened sanctions against Turkey for buying Russian air-defence systems and the Turkish navy has bullied Greek and French warships. The European Union, meanwhile, is outraged at these actions. In response, Moscow has demanded that the Montreux Convention be revised.

    The current state of relations between the two countries are complicated by the fact that Russia has a vested interest in stabilizing Syria. This includes an effort to prevent the emergence of a Kurdish state in the country, while maintaining pressure on the People’s Protection Units (YPG) linked to the PKK. As Turkey considers its options in Syria, officials must take into account the feelings of the Russians. As the most influential external actor in Syria, Russia may complicate Turkish military operations or frustrate its diplomatic efforts.

    Turkish-Russian relations were thawed after the Cold War, when Turkey began importing Soviet gas. The dissolution of the Soviet Union made Russia Turkey’s main energy supplier. Russia and Turkey’s visa-free travel agreement in 2010 brought greater economic cooperation. The failed coup in 2016 has only intensified the relationship between the two countries.

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