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Is the Great Commission Recorded 10 Times in the Bible

    The Great Commission Recorded 10 Times in the Bible

    Jesus commissioned his disciples to spread the gospel to all nations of the world

    The Great Commission is one of the most famous passages in the Bible, but not every disciple of Christ has the calling to become a missionary. Saying that only missionaries overseas can fulfill this command is too narrow and unbiblical. Even Paul was not sent to the Roman Empire to do missions. He asked fellow believers to pray for him and to help him in his travels. Although every Christian is not called to serve as a missionary, we can still support the missionary work of the Great Commission by advocating for it.

    Jesus’ commission to his disciples to proclaim the gospel to all nations of the world is a powerful command to live by. In the parable of the sower, we learn that the response of various peoples to the gospel is not the same. Some people’s soil is too barren for the seed to grow; others’ soil is fertile.

    The Great Commission is recorded 10 times in the bible

    The Great Commission is an important teaching from the Bible and is associated with Jesus’ ministry. It outlines the central task of the ministry of making disciples: to go out and baptize the lost, and teach them to obey the commands of Jesus. It is also a declaration that Jesus is Lord of all and will be with us until the end of time.

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    The Great Commission is recorded in the Bible five times – once at the end of each Gospel and once in the book of Acts. It is likely that the risen Lord repeated this command many times throughout his forty-day ministry, with different emphases and words. The first two Gospels record the Great Commission in the days immediately after the Resurrection, while the third Gospel records it on a mountain in Galilee.

    It was given to the church institutionally

    The Great Commission was not given to individual believers; it was given to the church institutionally. This fact is clear from the statement made by Jesus in Mark 16:15: “Go, teach all nations…” Christ is giving orders to the assembly of believers, not individuals. The church institutionally has a specific mission, and that mission is the Great Commission.

    The apostles were called to minister the gospel and were duly sent. They were responsible for teaching and baptizing people, and they were faithful ministers of Christ.

    It was given to the apostles

    The Great Commission is a command that Christ gave to the apostles ten times in the Bible. He gave the command to them after He had been raised from the dead. The resurrection validated Christ’s claim to be the Son of God, and he associated it with the sending of nations to follow Him in obedience of faith. After He had risen from the dead, Jesus was exalted, and He sent out His apostles with full authority and ability to fulfill His mandate.

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    The Great Commission was never given to a single individual, but to the whole church institutionally. The apostles were commissioned to spread the gospel, and not to individual believers. But, this does not mean that they should do so alone.

    It was given to Peter

    In Acts 3, Peter preaches the second sermon preached in Jerusalem. He calls the people to repent and believe in the Lord. He also reminds them of the covenant that God made with their fathers. Through Abraham, God promised to bless all people and His servant was sent to turn people from their wicked ways.

    This commission was given to Peter not once, but twice. Peter was given this great commission by Jesus several times throughout the Bible. The Bible states that he was to make disciples of all nations, including Gentiles. This is an example of Jesus’ expectation that the Gospel would be preached throughout the world.