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Is the United States Mentioned in the Bible

    Is the United States Mentioned in the Bible?is the united states mentioned in the bible

    America’s silence in the Bible raises some serious questions. Not only does America not appear in the Bible, but a host of other world powers do not either. Most modern nations cited in prophecy date back to antiquity. Regardless of whether or not the United States is mentioned in the Bible, many people are concerned.

    Revelation 13:11

    If you are wondering whether Revelation 13:11 mentions the United State in the Bible, consider how the Roman Empire was in John’s time. This empire was a great power that ruled most of the world. As the Roman Empire fell into disarray, it was referred to as Babylon the Great (18:2). The book of Revelation could be seen as a warning against an evil government that oppresses the people of a nation.

    In the Bible, Revelation 13:11 mentions a new nation that rises out of a sparsely-populated land. This new nation will have a Christian character. It will have a crown-less government, which means it will not be ruled by kings.

    Ezekiel 38:13

    The Bible describes the people and nations of the world, and Ezekiel 38:1-7 describes them. These nations are the descendants of Noah, Ham and Shem. The descendants of Ham are the North African people, and the people of Shem are the nations of the East and South. The descendants of Shem’s son Japeth are the people of the North.

    There is some disagreement over whether America is mentioned in the Bible. Some say that God did not name the United States before she became a nation. Others believe that God may have used the term “young lions” to refer to America before she even became a nation. However, there are other interpretations, and one has to draw one’s own conclusions.

    Daniel 7:13

    The Book of Daniel contains a vision and the history of the world. It was written during the sixth century BC. It is divided into two parts, the historical corpus and the visionary corpus. Chapter 7 is written in the Aramaic language. The visions are divided by time periods. The vision in Daniel 7 took place by night between the springs of 552 and 551 B.C.

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    Daniel 7:13 mentions the United States for the first time in the Bible. It is the only Old Testament chapter cited in this way. The other ten chapters of the Bible are New Testament texts.

    Isaiah 28:12

    The first time that the Bible mentions the United States is in Isaiah 28:12. In verses nine to twelve, the Hebrew word ‘hoy’ is used to describe danger. This is similar to the English phrase ‘look out!’ Isaiah is telling people in those verses that the enemy has come and will not come back. The word ‘ladies’ in verse nine could refer to a city, but it might also be a word used to describe people. It could also refer to someone who deceives others, which would not be a good idea.

    It is not clear whether or not Isaiah was talking about the United States at the time, but it is possible that the prophecy was given to the northern ten tribes of Israel before the Assyrian invasion in 701 B.C. This would make it an apocalyptic prophecy. The prophecy also speaks about God’s judgment of His people, which would happen through the godless Assyrian Empire.

    Isaiah 28:13

    The book of Isaiah contains two references to the United States. In the first verse of Isaiah chapter 1, the word “pride” is mentioned twice. Isaiah speaks of someone who is greater than the king of Babylon and who will come down out of heaven. It is unclear if the United States will fall into that category or not.

    Isaiah uses the word “zion” frequently, a reference to Jerusalem. Isaiah describes the Messiah as the cornerstone of the nation in Isaiah 8:14. Isaiah also mentions the Messiah as the rock and the stone of offense. He is also mentioned as the head stone of the corner in Isaiah 8:14.

    Revelation 13:16

    The Bible does not mention the United States in Revelation 13, but the United States is mentioned in Daniel 7:14. The king of the north is probably Russia. The king will attack Egypt and Israel. In contrast, the United States will not be attacked. The nation will not be destroyed, but its armed forces will be destroyed.

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    Revelation 13:16 mentions the United State in the Bible, and it is also possible to see the United States mentioned in the Bible. The Bible also says that all the peoples of the world will be marked by the beast, which can be placed on the hand or forehead.

    Revelation 13:17

    There are a couple of things to remember about Revelation 13:17. First, the United States is not the only nation mentioned in this chapter. The Roman papacy is also mentioned. The beasts in Bible prophecy are world powers and nations. The Roman papacy was overthrown by General Berthier in 1798, and was predicted to lose its influence and power by the year 2000.

    Secondly, the name of the beast indicates that it belongs to the Antichrist. The beast will have a mark, which will be a number or name. The mark will be on the right hand or forehead.

    Isaiah 28:18

    The first time Isaiah mentions the United States in the Bible is in Isaiah 28:18. In this verse, Isaiah tells his people that they must trust God again, repent of their past, and obey him in the future. The people had created gods and images from gold and silver, and they had to stop making them.

    This prophecy speaks of people who think that they are better than God. God created people, and if people think they are better than him, God will turn them into fruit trees. The word ‘carmel’, which means ‘garden of fruit trees’, refers to a hill on the southern coast of Lebanon.

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    Isaiah 28:19

    In the book of Isaiah, we find that the ‘Northern Kingdom’ will be destroyed by the Assyrians. The kingdom was full of pride and prosperity, fat valleys, and a careless attitude. People were chasing pleasure and mirth and they were losing their focus. As a result, judgment was hanging over their heads and they gave in to drinking. The Northern Kingdom was at a critical point in its history. They were about to be consumed by their enemies.

    The first meaning translates to’very sad’, but the third meaning is important for Christians. The Hebrew word ‘hoy’ is the word for’sad’ and means to cry out for attention. Therefore, Isaiah is warning people of trouble. In verse 2, he warns them of impending trouble.

    Isaiah 28:22

    Isaiah uses the term ‘hoy’ to describe a danger, which is akin to ‘look out!’ In this case, he is speaking to the Babylonians and Assyrians. The word ‘deceive’ in verse 19 may mean ‘those who do bad things’, though Isaiah doesn’t name specific countries by name.

    Isaiah’s words ‘topheth’, which literally means “pit,” may have two different meanings. One meaning means to punish enemies, while the other means to save people. The ‘pit’ refers to a large hole, which may be a deep pit in *Sheol. ‘Topheth’ may also refer to a blue flame that comes from sulphur. The ‘Great King’ instead of the usual ‘LORD’ may be a substitute.

    Isaiah does not specifically mention the United States by name in verses 12 or 13, but instead refers to the words of God about Egypt in verses one through seven. Bible students do not agree on the meaning of the word ‘cruelty’, but some believe it refers to the rulers of Egypt.

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