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Was There a Fourth Wise Man in the Bible

    Did the Fourth Wise Man Also Spend His Last Treasure to Save a Child?

    Tradition has it that there were three Magi. However, the Other wise man, or Artaban, spent his last treasure to save a young woman from being sold into slavery. Did this Fourth wise man also spend his last treasure to save a child? Regardless of the answer to this question, it’s interesting to see how the story of the Magi unfolds.


    The story of Artaban is a story of compassion and sacrifice. A king in Egypt, he was an important person in the early history of the Hebrew people. His mission was to search for the Messiah. While on his journey, he fed the hungry, clothed the naked, and healed the sick. His compassionate efforts took him across many countries. However, he never found the Messiah, who was about to be crucified. This fact prompted him to travel to Jerusalem one last time.

    The fourth wise man, Artaban, sees signs that a Jewish king is about to be born, so he sets out to find the newborn ruler. Unfortunately, he stops to help a dying man along the way and misses the caravan of three other wise men. In addition, he is forced to sell one of his treasures to purchase supplies and camels.

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    During his journey, Artaban was saddened to leave the dying man. But he felt that human mercy could be the difference between life and death. He was so overwhelmed with the urgency of the situation, that he considered sacrificing his reward of faith to help this man. He took the man with him and carried him to the foot of a palm tree.

    Tradition tells us there were three Magi

    Tradition tells us that the Magi were personal advisors to the King. Their responsibilities included reading the stars and interpreting omens. They were also known as astrologers and dream interpreters. They were also consulted by the Pharoah during the time of Joseph.

    The gifts given by the Magi were symbolic. Gold represented wealth and myrrh was used in embalming and perfume in ancient Egypt. Christians believe that the myrrh referred to the death of Jesus. However, Matthew does not explain the symbols of these gifts.

    Many serious Bible interpreters find this story plausible. For instance, they suggest that the wise men were guided by the star because Babylon was the “East.” Another theory suggests that the three wise men may have been inspired by the prophet Daniel, who may have left the messianic prophecy to make other prophecies of Christ. Whatever the reason, these theories are not sufficient justification for the existence of three wise men.

    While the Bible does not mention the number of magi, it does mention the gifts that the Magi gave to Jesus. This led to the unfounded notion that there were three of them. In addition, the three wise men were kings. This was based on imagery in Isaiah 60:3.

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    Artaban spends his last treasure to ransom a young woman from being sold into slavery

    The book of Acts reveals that a man named Artaban spent 33 years searching for Jesus, saving the lives of many in Egypt and elsewhere in the ancient world. He also performs charitable acts and ends up in Jerusalem just before Jesus is crucified. On the way, he encounters a young woman who begs for his help, and he reluctantly spends his last treasure to save her.

    A man from Persia, Artaban, saw signs in the heavens that the saviour was born. He set out on his horse to meet the newborn ruler. He was carrying gifts for the child. The young man was weakened and Artaban’s heart ached for him.

    Artaban’s last treasure consists of a precious stone, a pearl, and a gem. He had the intention of giving them to the newborn king. But, he was not with the three wise men and missed the caravan. So, he sold the sapphire to buy supplies.

    Other wise man spent his last treasure to ransom a child

    The story of the Other Wise Man is told in the New Testament. It tells the story of the fourth wise man, Artaban, who rode on horseback across the Eastern plains to find the Christ child. His brethren had already left, carrying gifts of great wealth. He was trying to catch up to them, and was carrying three precious stones he intended to present to the Christ child. But he did not reach Bethlehem with his brethren.

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