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What Are Examples of Pride in the Bible

    Examples of Pride in the Bible

    Throughout the Bible, we see examples of pride. We see pride in Pharaoh, Haman, Eve, and Uzziah. We see how pride can destroy someone’s life. The devil, too, struggles with pride and was cast out of heaven. We also see pride in the actions of Haman in the book of Esther.

    Haman’s pride of heart

    The Bible gives us many examples of people with pride of heart. Examples include Moses, Pharaoh, and Lucifer. These people had different traits, but they all had one thing in common: they were proud of who they were. This distorted their thinking and reasoning. Haman, for instance, thought “who would the king delight in honoring more than I would?” (Esther 6:6). His pride led him to plan an extravagant procession for himself, complete with robes, crown, and even a horse. He acted out of his desire to be king.

    Those with pride of heart need to be humbled by God and repent. It can be difficult to forgive someone who has pride of heart. However, if you’ve ever heard the story of Paul, it reveals how God has helped him overcome his pride by allowing him to receive the forgiveness he needed.

    Pharaoh’s pride

    One of the most dreaded traits of a leader is pride. Oftentimes, pride is manifested as a facade of strength and strengthlessness. This deception often creates the impression that the oppressed are weaker than the oppressors. This kind of pride must be addressed in our hearts, especially by leaders who oppress their own citizens.

    Pharaoh’s pride in the biblical story is an apt example. As the king of Egypt, Pharaoh had the authority to do anything he wanted, including deciding to enslave the Israelites. Sadly, his pride led him to do some foolish things, including disobeying God’s command to let them go.

    Eve’s pride

    In the Bible, we read about Adam and Eve’s pride. It was their decision to choose autonomy over obedience, and pride led to their demise. This decision plunged the human race into spiritual ruin. The process of temptation is an age-old one: desire gives birth to sin and death. Adam and Eve were tempted to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden because they saw it as a desirable food. It also appealed to their sense of beauty and their desire for wisdom.

    Compared to Adam, Eve is a much simpler character. Eve is created from Adam’s rib. She is beautiful, wise, and able, but she is only superior to Adam in beauty. From the very beginning, Eve is connected to vanity, and Satan will use this to his advantage.

    Uzziah’s pride of heart

    The Bible contains many examples of people who were afflicted by pride of heart. In many instances, the consequences of this pride were dramatic. King Uzziah’s pride in burning incense on an altar to God ultimately brought about his downfall. Later, King Hezekiah was proud of himself and his healing by the Lord, and this resulted in God’s wrath upon Jerusalem and Judah.

    King Herod was also an example of a person who was prone to pride of heart. He was not willing to share the glory due to his greatness. As a result, he was struck down with sickness and later he was eaten by worms.

    Pharaoh’s pride of heart

    We see many examples of pride of heart in the Bible. Pharaoh, for example, refused to let the Israelites leave Egypt because he thought he was God. When he failed to listen to God’s command, God rained ten plagues on Egypt, including the death of his son. In another example, Naaman was plagued with leprosy. God told him to dip in the Jordan seven times, but he refused. This affliction cost him his pride and the leprosy.

    Another example of pride of heart is the character Uzziah. This man, who grew up in a wealthy, well-developed nation, developed a pride of self that led him to presumption before God. This pride led him to do many things that would ultimately bring him shame. The Bible warns us about the dangers of pride, and this story illustrates how it can lead to destruction. Other examples of pride of heart are Haman and Nebuchanezzar.

    Haman’s arrogance

    The Bible shows us examples of pride in many of its characters. One such character is Haman, a proud man who rose to be the second-in-command in the kingdom. His arrogance and obsession with power led to a distorted view of himself. When his cousin, Mordecai, refused to bow down to him, he became furious and wanted to have Mordecai killed. Haman’s arrogance ultimately led to his downfall.

    Pride in the Bible isn’t a new problem. It was a problem even before Adam and Eve fell into sin. The Bible also records stories of fallen angels who were proud of their superiority to God.

    Haman’s stubbornness

    We can find examples of pride throughout the Bible. Haman is one example. The king asked Haman to take Mordecai’s robes and parade him through the city. Haman acted as if Mordecai were someone dear to him.

    This pride distorted Haman’s thinking and reasoning. He thought that if he had a royal robe, the king would honor him more. So, he devised an extravagant procession for himself and rode a king’s horse. He even dressed up in the royal robes and crown. He spoke with arrogance and lust for power, despite his lack of knowledge.

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