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What Are the 7 Dispensations in the Bible Pdf

    What Are the 7 Dispensations in the Bible?what are the 7 dispensations in the bible pdf

    Dispensations in the Bible are the periods in which God dealt with His people. Each one began with a covenant made between God and man. When that agreement failed, judgment was necessary. Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden during this period, where God interacted with them freely. However, they broke the one rule that God had given them. As a result, they were expelled and sin entered the world.

    Dispensation of Law

    In the Bible, the Dispensation of Law refers to God’s dealings with man in His house during different ages. It is a system of principles, promises, and rules ordained by God. It is a period of time when law is exempted or relaxed for the benefit of an individual. The Bible also mentions several dispensations.

    The Dispensation of Law began when God gave the Law to Moses on Mount Sinai, and it lasted for about 1500 years. During this time, man was responsible for keeping the Law, but he failed to do so. Thus, the Law was broken. Thankfully, God restored His covenant with Israel.

    The Dispensation of Law is divided into several periods, each with its own set of laws. The Mosaic Dispensation began in Genesis 1 and ended with Exodus 12. In this dispensation, God spoke directly to holy men and revealed His will to them. At the end of this period, the Mosaic law and the covenant were made at Mount Sinai.

    Dispensation of Conscience

    The Dispensation of Conscience is a period of time in the Bible. It begins in Genesis 3 and ends in Genesis 8:14. The word “conscience” means “knowledge”. Before Adam and Eve sinned, they had knowledge of good and evil. This knowledge enabled them to experiment with sin and test God. Genesis 2:17 shows God’s judgment.

    During this time, man did not follow his conscience and thus violated it. Therefore, this dispensation of conscience ended in the flood. However, man is still responsible for his actions and God added further revelations in the succeeding ages. In the Bible, the Dispensation of Conscience is mentioned in Genesis 5:22-24, Genesis 6:8-9, and Hebrews 11:2-7. The bible states that man acted in his own selfishness and did not honor God.

    Dispensation of Human Government

    The Dispensation of Human Government is a period of history in the Bible, from the time of the Flood to the call of Abraham. It is characterized by the introduction of capital punishment. Genesis 8:20–11:32 describes this period. The flood destroyed all but eight people, but God ordained that all human families do good based on their conscience.