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What Book in the Bible Is the Christmas Story

    What Book in the Bible is the Christmas Story?

    There are several theories about the source of the Christmas story. It is often traced back to the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Then there’s the story of the Magi. There’s also evidence that Jesus lived and taught among non-Jews. And finally, there are a number of different versions of the Christmas story in the Bible.

    Luke and Matthew

    The way that Luke and Matthew tell the Christmas story is very different. Though the two accounts are similar, they have different approaches and viewpoints. Nevertheless, there are ten key points that both accounts agree on. These principles can help you understand the meaning of these stories. The first is that they are both based on the Bible.

    In the Gospel of Luke, the birth of Jesus is described from the point of view of Mary. As Mary was about to become engaged to Joseph, the angel Gabriel appeared to her at a crucial moment. He told Mary that she was to become pregnant and bear a child named Jesus. The child would be the Messiah, who would save mankind from sins and inherit the throne of his father, King David.

    The birth of Jesus is the beginning of the Christmas story. Both Luke and Matthew recount the events that led to the birth of the child. Mary gives birth to Jesus in Bethlehem. The “wise men” come to investigate. Herod then orders the murder of all male children. Mary and Joseph flee to Egypt in time. Herod is later killed and his son becomes ruler in Nazareth.


    The story of Christmas is not limited to the Bible. The story in the Apocalypse is also a part of the Christmas story. In fact, the entire Scripture is a series of intersections between God and man, Israel and the Church, and natural and supernatural forces. Revelation 12 is one of those intersections, with images of the birth, death, and resurrection of the Christ Child.

    In the Bible, the story of Christmas is found in two books: Matthew and Luke. Both of these books detail the birth of Jesus. While there is no actual word for “Christmas” in scripture, the name “Christmas” is synonymous with the birth of Jesus and commemoration of his birth.

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    According to the Bible, the birth of Jesus began when Joseph, a Galileean, traveled to Judea to marry a woman named Mary. The woman, a descendant of King David, was expecting a child. She gave birth to Jesus in a stable with a large, open box, called a manger. She wrapped the baby in cloths and placed him in the manger.


    The Christmas story of Jesus’ birth is narrated by two women, Mary and Joseph. Mary is only fourteen to sixteen years old when she gives birth to Jesus, and Joseph is older. The biblical story of Mary and Joseph tells the Christmas story in an interesting way. In this way, the Bible makes the story more interesting and relevant for today’s audience.

    Gabriel, God’s chief messenger, appears to Mary first. Gabriel only appears to very important people in the Bible, so what he says to Mary is crucial. The angel tells Mary that she is ‘highly favoured’, which means that God’s holy grace is upon her. Although Mary would have been frightened by the words, Gabriel assures her that all will be well.

    Matthew tells us that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but he neglects to mention that king Herod would come and kill him. Then, he turns his attention to Herod’s actions when he discovers the Messiah in his city.


    The Christmas story is told in the book of Matthew. The magi come to Bethlehem to worship the child, and bring gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They were forbidden by an angel to return to Herod, but they find another way. Matthew’s account is based on Isaiah’s prophecies.

    Originally, the Magi are believed to have come to the child Jesus on December 25. In fact, some late Irish texts mention that they come to visit Jesus on December 25. The Magi were not the only visitors to Jesus. Other sources, like the Psalms and the Gospel of Matthew, are a little more vague about the Magi’s arrival.

    The Christmas story in the Bible is found in Matthew and Luke. Both accounts are similar in many ways, but they contain many differences. While they share a common plot and characters, they differ in tone and message.

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    Star of Bethlehem

    The Star of Bethlehem is a significant part of the Christmas story. It’s a heavenly sign that guides the wise men to the infant Jesus. In the Gospel of Matthew, the star appears over Bethlehem, marking the place where Jesus was born. It’s similar to the star that was the Jewish symbol for King David.

    The star is a popular symbol in the Christian religion and in art, as well as in modern culture. New York City’s Hayden Planetarium, for example, has used the star to depict the birth of Christ against the city skyline. It’s also a common motif in paintings, including Giotto’s Adoration of the Magi.

    Although the Star of Bethlehem appears only once in the Bible – in the Gospel of Matthew, the New Testament – it has grown into one of the most iconic symbols of the Christmas story. There are many theories regarding the origin of the star, from it being an astronomical event to a modern astrological horoscope, but scientists and historians have yet to discover its true origins.

    Angel’s visit to Zechariah

    When the Angel appeared to Zechariah, he was terrified and disbelieving. He was told that he would not speak until the baby was born, but that it would be named John. Zechariah’s prayers were answered and the angel’s message was fulfilled. Afterward, Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and was able to speak, praising God and declaring that his God had brought redemption to his people.

    During this visit, the Angel assures Zechariah that his prayer for a son has been answered. He goes into incredible detail about the baby. The angel is the highest-ranking messenger angel in the Bible, and the visit strengthens Zechariah’s faith.

    The Angel Gabriel also appeared to Daniel twice in the Bible. While he isn’t named in the Bible, Zechariah is the father of John the Baptist. He is also the first person mentioned in the Christmas story. The Gospel of Luke includes a few lines about Zechariah.

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    Joseph’s fear of Archelaus

    In the Christmas story, Joseph’s fear of Archelaus is not based on the tyranny of the king. Instead, it is a reflection of his deep faith. God spoke to him through an angel, and Joseph obeyed this message. God also referred to Joseph as “Son of David,” a reference to his privileged position as a descendent of David. It is through this line of descent that the Messiah will come.

    Herod Antipas was not interested in a religious war. Instead, he was concerned with protecting his beloved daughter Mary. He did not believe that the angel was telling him to divorce Mary. He did not want to betray his wife, and he trusted the angel’s warning to leave Bethlehem and return to Israel.

    After Herod’s death, the holy family returned to their hometown of Nazareth. However, unlike Bethlehem, Nazareth had a different king. Archelaus persecuted the people more than Herod had. Archelaus also used tax money for his own pleasure. Ultimately, Archelaus was expelled from Judea and exiled to Gaul. During this time, Joseph, Mary and Jesus lived in Nazareth.

    Star’s appearance to Zechariah

    The Christmas story begins with the archangel Gabriel’s appearance to the holy priest Zechariah. In the Bible, this angel has a shimmering halo and wings. When Gabriel appears to Zechariah, he tries to explain that Jesus will bring salvation and bring many people to God. He also tells Zechariah that he will be the father of a son with the spirit of Elijah.

    This angel appears to Zechariah during his service in the temple. He is burning incense and prays. When the angel appears to him, he is filled with fear. Zechariah’s mother Elizabeth must have wondered what he was hiding.

    Some scholars believe that the star was Jupiter. They also believe that the star represents the glory of God. This glory was seen in the Old Testament as a cloud, light, or flare. It would cover any place where the presence of Yahweh was, such as the temple of Jerusalem and the Tabernacle of Exodus. This star’s brightness would also cover the place where Jesus was born.