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What Did Absalom Do in the Bible

    What Did Absalom Do in the Bible?what did absalom do in the bible

    Absalom had three sons and a daughter. His daughter Tamar was beautiful. He was a cunning man and was deceitful. However, his lack of love for his family and his lack of love for his wife were reasons why his father had a hard time forgiving him.

    Absalom’s treachery

    Absalom’s treachery is a classic biblical example of a person seeking self-advancement at the expense of others. This trait manifests itself in several ways. First, Absalom tries to sway people by presenting himself as a king in the city gates. Second, he backslaps and compliments the leaders, but these acts are not indicative of his true motivations.

    The Bible tells us that Absalom was the third son born to David and Maacah. He was a great favorite of his father and was famous for his charming manners, personal beauty, and insinuating ways. He also enjoyed pomp and show and lived a life of great luxury. In one story, he drove a magnificent chariot and had fifty men run before him.

    Absalom’s treachery was not limited to scheming to win the throne. He also gathered strong support to force David to abdicate. He even stole the most trusted counselor of David. David wrote about this experience in Psalm 3.

    Absalom’s treachery was further accentuated by Ahithophel, King David’s counselor. Ahithophel had the gift of wisdom and had been advising Absalom to hunt down David before he could gather an army. However, Hushai offered another opinion. He advised Absalom to delay his attack on David until he was stronger.

    Absalom’s treachery is another classic example of deception. He led his people astray and caused division in his community. He sent Ahithophel to Giloh, gathering many people to follow him. The result was that Absalom was ultimately judged by the head.

    His cunning campaign

    Absalom’s cunning campaign was an attempt to undermine the confidence of the people in David. For four years, he prepared a military uprising to oust David. But it failed, and the people remained loyal to David. As a result, Absalom was king for only a few short years.

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    Absalom was also a clever politician. He sought opportunities for self-advancement at the expense of others and questioned the wisdom of leaders. His victims, however, did not know Absalom’s real motives. They were fooled by his ruse and did not resist his demands.

    Absalom’s cunning campaign worked because he was able to create a persona that was more appealing than David’s. He cultivated an image of a man of the people by gaining a lot of popularity. He made the public believe that he could rule better than David. He also shrewdly exploited the perks that came with being a crown prince.

    Absalom’s cunning campaign is a classic example of a scheming spirit. The scheming spirit of Absalom works in a similar way to the scheming spirit of Lucifer. He enlists the aid of Ahithophel and other people, and then uses his fatherly nature to persuade people into agreeing with him.

    Absalom had deceived many people and created a feeling of uneasiness among them. As a result, David did not see Absalom for five years. This is a bad sign, as it shows that Absalom’s heart was wounded. He may have felt victimized because of Amnon’s death. However, he suffered greatly for his sins.

    His deceit

    Absalom plots to usurp David’s throne and gain a large support group to do so. He declares himself the new king in Hebron and steals David’s most trusted counselor. David tells his story in Psalm 3 about his experience with Absalom. This is a story that shows how the human spirit can lead us to make bad choices in times of extreme crisis.

    Absalom was frustrated and angry with his ministry and his perceived level of life. As a result, he built a monument to himself in King’s Valley. This is now known as Absalom’s Monument. However, this deception had unintended consequences.

    Absalom is a hypocrite and liar. He claims to be the friend of justice but is in reality an oppressor. He lies to win the hearts of his people and then makes his move. The end result is that the people he manipulated and entrusted are the ones who will eventually suffer.

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    Absalom’s deceit affects all the people in Israel. His deception deceives them into believing that they are superior to others. David’s reputation was damaged as a result of Absalom’s deceit. Throughout these four years, Absalom steals the hearts of the people of Israel.

    Absalom’s actions allowed Amnon to murder his brother, and they prevented Tamar and David from taking action under the Law of Moses. This made David angry because his hands were tied when dealing with Amnon’s sin. Moreover, David was also not able to take action on the matter of Tamar’s rape.

    Absalom’s deceit was well-planned. He manipulated his father by tricking him into allowing Absalom to return to the land. David then invites him back into the land. He will be reunited with his father two years later.

    His lack of love

    Absalom is the son of King David and he led a rebellion against him, causing David to flee to Jerusalem. Absalom made his choices of his own free will, but his actions were in part punishment for David’s sin with Bathsheba.

    Absalom takes advantage of his position as a crown prince. His chariot is hitched to fine horses, and he has a fifty-man bodyguard following him. This retinue projects a message of greatness and importance, which Absalom does not feel.

    Absalom’s lack of love is also evident in the way he treated his sister Tamar. Although she was the daughter of David, she was a virgin. Hence, the king’s son Amnon loved her. Moreover, Tamar was David’s half-sister, and she was very beautiful. However, Amnon’s obsession with Tamar made him physically ill.

    Absalom’s lack of love was also evident in his murder of his brother Amnon. The murder was premeditated and committed in cold blood. When he saw his brother Amnon in this state, David was furious. The king’s servant Jonadab then came to the scene and told him that only Amnon was killed. After the killing of Amnon, David mourned for his son, and was filled with longing for Absalom.

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    Absalom’s lack of love towards the king is even more apparent in his treatment of Tamar. Tamar’s lack of love for her husband caused him to be rejected by his brother. As a result, Amnon was unable to make amends. Tamar then went to live with her brother, Absalom.

    His relationship with his servants

    The relationship between Absalom and his servants in the Bible is not a positive one. This man shows abuse and disrespect toward his servants. His relationship with David and Joab is abusive and destructive. Ultimately, Absalom loses the respect of his servants and the support of his king.

    Absalom has a deceptive character. He is constantly projecting and constructing his image to impress people. This makes people think he is wiser and spiritual than he actually is. Moreover, Absalom is subversive and deceitful.

    The Bible warns us against the presence of Absalom in our lives. Although he comes dressed as a sheep, he is a wolf. He will worm into positions of authority. As Jesus warned in Matthew 7:15, it is important to recognize that Absalom is a false prophet.

    The essence of Absalom’s behavior is to manipulate God and his servants. He seeks the advice and support of his servants to gain advantage. This means he uses false humility and backstabbing leaders and followers. The servants he deceives are not able to recognize Absalom’s real motivation.

    Absalom had long hair and he only trimmed it once a year. It was said to weigh 200 shekels after the king’s weight. He had a very beautiful head. His hair was very long, and his hair was considered the finest. However, Absalom’s pride led to his defeat and subsequent imprisonment and death.

    Absalom’s death is a source of great distress to David. The king has just won a major victory, but at the cost of his beloved son. The ruthless killer Joab gets the impression that the father-king would rather lose all his men than his son.

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