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What Did Esau Do Wrong in the Bible

    What Did Esau Do Wrong in the Bible?what did esau do wrong in the bible

    Esau was immoral

    We can conclude that Esau was immoral in the Bible because he was a selfish, self-absorbed man. He sought his own pleasure and was prone to intermarrying. As a result, he lost the blessing that God had promised him. However, this does not mean that he was a fornicator.

    Esau was godless

    In the Bible, Esau was one of the most famous and evil characters. He was a proud and immoral person, but God still allowed him to live and have a large family. His descendants were called Edomites and Idumeans, and they opposed the Israelites. They followed other gods other than God. Prophets warned them that the Israelites would destroy the Edomites, but God preserved them.

    Esau was selfish

    Esau’s selfish behavior is illustrated by his lack of gratitude for his birthright. He sold it for a pittance and did not treasure it. According to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, “Where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.” This story demonstrates how the importance of our heritage cannot be underestimated.

    Esau was immature

    Esau was an immature boy in the bible, who rejected the blessings of God. He coveted worldly blessings above spiritual ones. He had no self-control and was prone to physical passions. As a result, God preferred Jacob. The Bible describes Esau as “pornos,” a word used to describe a spiritually immature person.

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    Esau was a man of the field

    Esau is a character that is found throughout the bible. His story is a classic example of a man of the field. Although a cunning hunter, Esau was an irreligious rebel against the Lord. In his quest to prove his worth, he did not follow God’s laws. Instead, he pursued an earthly life of pleasure and excitement.

    Esau embraced his brother

    When Isaac dies, Esau vows to kill Jacob. But a woman named Rebecca steps in to save her younger son. She takes Jacob and takes him to a far country to work for her brother Laban. She then explains to Isaac that she has sent Jacob to find a wife among her people.

    Esau sold his birthright

    Esau sold his birthright and was cursed by God, but he still had a chance to redeem himself. In the New Testament, Esau is used to illustrate the importance of denying the flesh. Hebrews 12:15-17 uses the story of Esau to explain the importance of following God and denying one’s own desires. It is a classic example of God’s call on the lives of believers. Jacob was chosen to carry on the Abrahamic Covenant, while Esau was excluded from the Messianic line.

    Esau apostatized

    Esau’s apostasy is a classic example of how one can deviate from the path of righteousness. As the Bible points out, Esau “despised his birthright in order to satisfy his appetite” (verse 34). He also lacked true repentance. This was a sign of his sinful nature.

    Esau lived from the flesh

    In the Bible, we see that Esau did wrong by living from the flesh. He lacked spiritual awareness and was prone to perverse thinking. His selfishness and lust for food led him to kill his brother. He was far from God and was caught up in the world, not able to see the future. Ultimately, he missed out on a far greater blessing.

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    Esau’s infertility may be a result of sin

    The Biblical account of Jacob and Esau’s infertility suggests that there was sin involved. Esau was angry that he had lost his birthright to Isaac and sold it to Jacob for soup. This violent behavior, similar to that of Cain, stemmed from Esau’s unwillingness to take responsibility for his own wrong choices.