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What Do We Learn from Naomi in the Bible

    What Do We Learn From Naomi in the Bible?

    Naomi, the Bible’s oldest recorded woman, is a great example of faith and perseverance. She tried her best to protect her family from famine and calamity, but when the famine became worse than she could handle, she prayed to God to save her children. As a result, she set her hope in God’s power and love.

    Keeping a commitment to God

    Naomi was deeply concerned about her family’s well-being. When the famine struck the land, she felt that God had sent the calamity. She turned to God for help, setting her hopes on the power of God’s love and grace. Her efforts eventually pay off.

    Naomi was a widow. But God made provisions for widows. In the Book of Leviticus, God outlines the concept of a Kinsman-Redeemer. Because Naomi was a widow, she could not work. Naomi longed to care for her family, but she was unable to do so.

    Naomi gave her daughters-in-law advice on how to live their lives. She tried to convince them to stay in Moab, but Ruth chose the road of loyalty to Naomi and the God of Israel. This faithfulness to God and to Naomi earned Ruth favor. The Bible teaches us that if we are committed to a God, we should be loyal to him and follow his example.

    Being a strategist

    During the time of the judges, a woman named Naomi lived in the book of Ruth. She lived with her husband Elimelech in Bethlehem. Her life illustrates the power of God. In the book of Ruth, Naomi is an old, pious woman. She is a proxy for her loved ones who have been lost to death.

    Naomi sets the pace of events. She is a wise and savvy woman. She sets the order of events and demonstrates the importance of strategic thinking. Ruth is commending for ignoring Naomi’s matchmaking strategy, but it is Naomi who sets the pace of the story. Without Naomi’s matchmaking, Boaz and Ruth’s marriage would never have happened.

    Being loyal to God’s people

    Loyalty is something God values greatly. He wants his people to be faithful to him, which means that they must not worship other gods. The Bible frequently addresses the topic of loyalty and its requirements. For instance, the Old Testament often uses terms like covenant faithfulness and loving kindness, and the New Testament commonly uses the word “faith,” which means truth, reliability, or allegiance.

    Being loyal to God requires us to do our duty and to follow His commandments. In the Old Testament, the Israelites renewed the covenant with God in Canaan, and Joshua instructed them to serve God in sincerity and truth.

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    Acting wisely in adversity

    The story of Naomi’s family’s adversity is one of inspiration for how to respond to suffering. Her family’s circumstances were dire; they lived in a land of famine and were under the authority of the Moabite people. Because her husband was disobeying God, the famine had been brought upon her family. As a widow, she faced destitution and enslavement. But, she did not give up. She kept her faith in God and stayed with her family. In the end, she was able to escape her adversity and move forward in life.

    Naomi realized that the hand of the Lord was against her, and despite her adversity, she was able to trust God’s provision. Although she had lost her son, she did not blame God and recognized that adversity was part of the plan for her life. Her daughters, Ruth and Orpah, were clinging to her to survive, but Naomi’s life was not over yet.

    Faith in God

    We learn from Naomi in the Bible that faith in God is important, and that we must choose our faith in God. This story illustrates how we can choose to trust God, even if the situation seems impossible. While we cannot always see God’s hand in our circumstances, we can choose to believe that He is always at work for our good. Even though we are tempted to give up on the good things in life, we must know that God is always there for us and that He is always faithful to his promises.

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    Naomi’s story has a happy ending. She is a strong woman who was able to walk 30 miles to find a better home for her family. She had a plan and executed it. She also had faith in God. Her faith in God helped her live a full life. During this time, she had many trials and tribulations, but she kept faith in God despite her trials.

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