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What Does Devin Mean in the Bible

    The name Devin has various meanings including fawn, poet or divine. It is derived from the Latin word Divinus, meaning Divine or Perfect. This article will provide you with the Biblical origin of the name Devin, its meaning in other cultures, its related names as well as its variants forms.  In addition, you will discover the name’s popularity in the Bible.

    Meaning of the name Devin in the bible

    The name Devin is not in the Bible. Devin is a masculine and feminine name that derives from Irish and Gaelic origins. The name has a meaning of “bard” or “poet.” It is more common as a boy’s name. Variants of the name include Devan and Devyn. A baby girl’s name, Davinia, is sometimes used as a middle name. The name is derived from the Anglicized form of the Irish name O Damhain. The name means “little dark one” or “poet.”

    The spiritual meaning of Devin describes someone who is compassionate and willing to sacrifice themselves for others. This person is also willing to stand up for what’s right for themselves, regardless of the cost. It also describes someone who is ambitious but still wants to see others succeed.


    The origin of the name Devin in the Bible is unclear. It is most likely derived from a name given to one of the greatest kings in Old French. The name itself means divine, perfect, or exquisite. The Latin word divinus is a descendant of the Proto-Indo-European god Dyeus. The suffix -inus means ‘godlike’ or ‘godly’. The Biblical name is often used to identify a divine soothsayer.

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    Devin is a common boy’s name and is also used as a girl’s name. It is of Gaelic or Irish origin and is pronounced dee-van. It may also be derived from the French word “divin,” which means divine. The name is a popular middle name pairing. Its variant forms include Devyn, Davin, and Devon.

    Meaning in other cultures

    The meaning of the name Devin is ‘gift’ in many cultures, including the Celtic and Gaelic. The name is used on both males and females, and has numerous variants. It is of Gaelic, Celtic, and Old French origin. It means ‘gift’, ‘fearless,’ or ‘perfect’, and is used for both boys and girls. It peaked in popularity as a male and female given name in 1997 and 1991, respectively.

    The name Devin was originally used as a male name, but today it is more common among girls. It is a unisex, gender-neutral baby name, and has a range of meanings. It was derived from the Irish surname O Damhain, and is also a French, Turkish, and Celtic name. The name means ‘gift,’ “intrepid, fearless, divine, perfect, and godlike.”

    Similar names

    There are many different names for Devin, a boy’s name that was used in the bible. The name is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and may mean “bard” or “young deer.” Other interpretations suggest that Devin’s meaning is “divine.” Regardless of the origin, Devin is a popular choice as a boy’s name. Popular alternative forms include Devon and Dev.

    The name Devon derives from Celtic roots, meaning “deep valley dweller” or “defender”. The name is also derived from Irish Gaelic meaning “poet.” It is also seen in Revelation 4:4 where it means ‘judgement’. Although traditionally a surname, Devon is increasingly becoming popular as a first name in the United States and United Kingdom.