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What Does Drunkenness Mean in the Bible

    What Does Drunkenness Mean in the Bible? what does drunkenness mean in the bible

    In the Bible, drunkenness has different definitions. It is defined as a state of being drunk, tipsy, light-headed, or excessive. This is quite different from being filled with the Holy Spirit. Intoxication with wine is debauchery, but being filled with the Holy Spirit is something else entirely. Whether it’s being filled with the Spirit or with wine, it’s clear that being drunk on alcohol is not a wise choice for Christian life.

    Moderate use

    While the Bible explicitly forbids excessive drinking behavior, it also affirms the moderation of use of alcohol. Moderation is not a negative thing; rather, it is an acceptable and laudable practice. However, it is important to recognize the dangers associated with excess drinking. The DTS community encourages its members to be cautious about alcohol consumption.

    Alcohol can cause a variety of health problems, including liver disease, ulcers, and dementia. It has also been found to affect the central nervous system severely, destroying brain cells.

    Maladministration of justice

    The Bible warns against the evils of alcohol and the effects it has on human morality. Intoxication leads to maladministration of justice, a brawling spirit, and profligate living. It is also closely associated with gambling, licentiousness, and indecency. In addition, alcohol deadens spiritual sensibilities and destroys the capacity for serious thought.

    Profligate life

    The word profligate is associated with reckless spending. Whether referring to financial behavior or social activity, profligate behavior is destructive to both the self and society. People who live a life of profligacy are slaves to their own desires. Though extravagant behavior may be fun in the short run, it will cost them a heavy price in the long run.

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    In the Bible, the word profligate is used to describe a person who is wildly wasteful. It also refers to a person who has extravagant tastes.

    Spiritual drunkenness

    The Bible speaks of spiritual drunkenness and describes it in various ways. It is a state of mind where we have no focus or direction and are unable to think clearly. In this state of consciousness, we become prone to deception, confusion, and instability. What’s worse, we are unable to discern the truth, and the Bible warns us against this.

    Spiritual drunkenness is a result of straying from orthodoxy and accepting lies as the truth. People who are ‘drunk in the spirit’ experience the presence of God very powerfully, and they speak with other tongues powerfully. The presence of the Holy Spirit brings liberation and a deepening relationship with God.