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What Does Establish Mean in the Bible

    What Does Establish Mean in the Bible?

    The word “establish” is a Hebrew word, and in the Bible it is a synonym for the Hebrew word tkan. Here are some Bible verses containing the word. Highlighted Bible verses link to the Strong’s Concordance, where you can read the exact English definition of the Hebrew word.

    a building

    The Bible uses the word building as a metaphor for spiritual life. In the book of Ephesians, the church is described as a building composed of human lives. This same metaphor is also used in Colossians 2:7, 1 Timothy 3:15, and 2 Timothy 2:19. The Bible also uses the word church to describe the assembly of believers.

    a strengthening

    A strengthening in the Bible refers to a word in the Bible that means to strengthen. This word is from the Greek word eniskhuo, which means to strengthen, as defined in Strong’s Concordance. When we read about strengthening, we are reminded of the gospel, which is the means of God’s strengthening the believer. This gospel draws attention to God and His glory.

    A strengthening is described in the Bible as an act of kindness and support. For example, the apostle Paul had friends in prison, who would often visit him and encourage him, thus strengthening him spiritually. The Bible describes these friends in Proverbs 17:17, and it mentions five of them as being “strengthening aids” to Paul.

    While Paul had a strong faith, he often experienced hardships and near-death experiences. This caused him to seek comfort and assistance from God. Paul’s example shows that all of us need to be strengthened by our faith. Jesus also needed help strengthening his faith. During his last night in Gethsemane, a guardian angel appeared to him and helped him strengthen his faith.

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