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What Does Expedient Mean in the Bible

    What Does Expedite Mean in the Bible?

    We are taught in the Bible to make the best choice for our situation. This can mean many different things. Some examples include keeping a sacred place, taking up arms against robbers, or offering a blemish-free male lamb. These are all good choices to make, and all should be respected.

    Having a place to meet

    Having a place to meet with God is a biblical principle. It is a practice that is important to the Christian life. Having a private space for prayer and reflection with God helps us become more like Christ. It is also helpful for corporate worship. Incorporated into a daily schedule, the secret place should be an intentional decision to spend time with God, reading the Bible and praying.

    Having a place to worship

    The word “expedient” is used here to refer to anything that can make a particular practice easier to perform. Having a place to worship can be an expedient in a variety of situations, from ancient times to the present day. But this phrase is not to be confused with “lawlessness” or “disdain for authority.” Rather, having a place to worship is a good thing and should be followed, especially in the case of traditional Christian churches.

    The word expedient is used seventeen times in the Bible, and is defined in the Greek New Testament as something useful, profitable, or fitting for a purpose. In the Old Testament, it does not appear as a word. Its meaning is derived from a Greek word, which means “to bear together.” In other words, it means to make something better, be beneficial, or profitable for someone.

    Taking up arms against robbers

    There is some controversy surrounding the question of taking up arms against robbers in the Scripture. Christ makes a strong case for not using violence against the enemy. Although he allowed Peter to carry a sword, he forbid him from using it aggressively. This is consistent with his teaching that Christians must be peacemakers and turn the other cheek.

    It is important to remember that robbery always has a negative effect on the victim, and it is accompanied by other evil. For example, the robbed man in Luke 10:25-37 was also beaten. Taking something from your neighbor is an attack against your neighbor’s heart, and it is an offense against the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself.

    Offering a blemish-free male lamb

    The Bible teaches that offering a blemish-free male sheep or goat for sin offering is a good expedient. This sacrifice is accepted by God. However, the lamb should be at least a year old. There are some important considerations that must be kept in mind before committing to this sacrifice.

    First, the lamb must be blemish-free. If it is not, the priest will not be able to offer the animal. A blemished male lamb is unacceptable. It is also not kosher. It is not appropriate to burn a male lamb that is covered with blood.

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