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What Does Long Suffering Mean in the Bible

    What Does Long Suffering Mean in the Bible?what does long suffering mean in the bible

    Longsuffering is a virtue that God shows us through his patience. His patience delays His wrath and allows for good to happen. This patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and a gift from God. Let us consider the fruit of longsuffering in our relationships.

    God’s patience delays His wrath

    In the passage quoted above, God says that His patience delays His wrath for a time. But that time is only temporary. Genesis 6:11-13 describes the upcoming global flood. But the flood is delayed due to God’s patience. The sinner has time to repent and return to the Lord.

    The patience of God extends to all of His children – saints and sinners. He demonstrates patience in different ways and warns the ungodly before judging them. God never acts hastily or impatiently; He waits until the situation calls for mercy or judgment. When the time comes for judgment, God will speak to His people two times – once in mercy and once in judgment.

    God’s patience is shown in the days of Noah and Christ’s earthly ministry. Noah’s ark was not ready in time, but God waited until Noah had prepared it. God’s patience delays His wrath, but the guilty will still pay with their lives.

    The intensity of God’s wrath is proportional to the degree of sin that we commit. This intensity comes from God’s hatred of sin and seeing people suffer for sin. He also gets angry because we fall short of His standards. This anger is not eternal, it’s a reaction to our actions against righteousness.

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    God’s patience allows time for good to occur

    The Old Testament describes God as being patient with sinners and slow to anger. Examples of such scriptures include Psalm 86:15, Numbers 14:18, and Jonah 4:2. The Greek Old Testament calls this trait makrothymia.

    God’s patience allows time for good to happen in the midst of long suffering. He demonstrates this characteristic in the story of Noah’s day, where God gave people ample time to repent. In Exodus 34:6, God illustrated His patience by showing His longsuffering toward sinners. In this passage, God demonstrates his longsuffering, allowing the people plenty of time to repent and turn to him. Similarly, Abraham appealed to God’s patience with sinful Sodom and received salvation.

    Another example of God’s patience is the farmer’s waiting. He waits for the rains he needs to prepare the ground for planting. Later, he waits for the rains that will mature his crops. This patient attitude of God is an example for us in our own lives.

    Despite the long time between Christ’s coming and the second coming of Christ, the Bible shows us that God’s patience allows time for the gospel message to reach people. Peter knew this well and prayed that God would allow the Gospel to reach those who would not otherwise reach Christ’s throne.

    The Old Testament describes God as a patient, tolerant, and kind God who gives people longsuffering. He also demonstrates longsuffering towards believers who need correction. God’s patience gives believers time to turn to Him and grow in their faith.

    God’s patience is a gift from God

    In the Bible, we find that God is patient with us. He is kind, yet he is also fast-acting when He feels angry. His patience calms our righteous anger, so that we can forgive others. It’s one of God’s great attributes, which characterize His wonderful love. God’s patience is a gift from Him that we receive through the Holy Spirit.

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    One example of God’s patience can be found in Joel 2, near the end of the Old Testament. In this chapter, God appeals to His children to keep Him from destroying them, and they obey. In this case, God’s patience is a gift from Him, for He does not want to punish them, but He wants to bring them to repentance.

    Throughout the Old Testament, we find many examples of God’s patience. In the days of Noah, for example, God gave Noah 120 years to rebuild the world after the flood, which destroyed millions of people. God was patient with Noah’s generation during those 120 years, even though only eight people survived. His patience saved them and gave them a chance to build civilization.

    As believers, we know what it means to wait for God. Job, David, and countless prophets all faced long waits for answers. We also know how the Bible encourages us to be patient in the face of suffering. James 5:7, Colossians 1:10-12, and Psalm 40:1 all highlight the importance of patience in our lives. When we wait on the Lord, we will find great joy and peace in our hearts. And once we receive His answer, we will be strengthened with all patience and longsuffering.

    The Old Testament describes God’s patience as longsuffering. The term “longsuffering” comes from the Greek word aph. Aph literally means “long of nose.” It describes the action of breathing, which is associated with longsuffering. When we become angry, our breathing becomes rapid and our breath is usually short.

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    Paul’s longsuffering

    In the Bible, we can find many examples of longsuffering. One of the best examples is the Apostle Paul, who lived through many trials for the sake of the gospel. In his second letter to the church in Corinth, Paul chronicles many of the trials that he endured for the sake of the faith. These trials included countless imprisonments, great privations, and even death.

    Paul writes about longsuffering as a fruit of the Holy Spirit. This character trait is inherently present in God the Father and His Son, and so it is necessary for servants of the Lord. The apostle is especially clear that longsuffering does not come naturally, but is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, longsuffering is a quality that every Christian must possess and apply to his relationships.

    In the Bible, Luke also tells of Paul’s longsuffering. The apostle endured many hardships, including imprisonment and beatings. His companions were also subjected to riots and tumults. Paul’s longsuffering in these circumstances serves as an example of how to live life.

    Throughout the Bible, longsuffering is a defining characteristic of Christian life. It means enduring affliction without becoming bitter or angry. Longsuffering is a characteristic of the Christian character and a character trait that demonstrates God’s grace and mercy.

    Likewise, suffering is a test of obedience. Even Jesus learned obedience through suffering.