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What Does Nigh Mean in the Bible

    What Does Nigh Mean in the Bible?

    There are several interpretations for the word nigh in the bible. In some passages, the word is used as a negative, indicating that it implies that the person in question is not yet ready to receive Christ. In others, it means that they are in a state of apprehension, but in many other instances, it is an expression of hope or confidence.

    Significance of nigh in the bible

    Nigh is an important word in the Bible. It means near, but is not always a preposition. In some passages, it is used in conjunction with other words. For example, in a passage about the birth of Jesus, it may mean that the child was near to the Passover.

    Meaning of nigh

    Nigh is the preposition for close, near, or near-by. It is also used as a noun. For example, the word nigh means near to a particular place, object, or idea. The Bible often uses nigh as a preposition when describing locations. For example, the phrase “near this recess” refers to a space where something is in a close proximity.

    “Nigh” is also used in other places in the Bible, including Mat 24:32-33 AV, Act 1:12 AV, and Phi 2:27 AV. It is not clear whether or not this word is meant to be interpreted literally or metaphorically. For example, in Act 1:12, the word is translated as “near,” but it can also mean “by” or “towards.”

    Meaning of word nigh in the bible

    The word nigh, as used in the Bible, is an adjective, meaning “near in time or place”. It can refer to a person, place, or thing. It is often used in poetic expressions. It also refers to a relationship, as in “Nigh unto me.” Its meaning is ambiguous, as it is not always clear when nigh is used.

    There are two main uses of the word nigh in the Bible. It can refer to a time in the past or a future moment. It can also mean “near” and “nearly.” It is usually used in poetic texts, and has archaic and biblical meanings.

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