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What Does Provision Mean in the Bible

    What Does Provision Mean in the Bible?

    God’s provision is always enough

    The Bible teaches us that God’s provision is always enough. In fact, we read about the widow in the book of 1 Kings who got an endless supply of pancakes and an endless supply of oil. It’s easy to see why the widow trusted God because she knew that he would provide.

    Christ followers have abundant provision because they live with a divine perspective. In contrast, people who live by a worldly perspective look for earthly things to satisfy their desires. The disciples have an earthly perspective, but Jesus’ perspective is from a heavenly perspective. Jesus provides more than enough food for all.

    God’s provision isn’t contingent on what you deserve, but what you do. He is faithful to provide for you, regardless of how small you think you are. God multiplies food for those who are in need and sends ravens to deliver it. But if you doubt God’s provision, you’ll give the devil the opportunity to take it away from you.

    God’s provision is supernatural

    Providing for others is not a natural process. God goes above and beyond what is natural to provide for us. We are to obey His commands and obey His word in order to position ourselves for His supernatural provision. This means that we must spend more time with God than usual when we are facing difficult situations.

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    God’s provision is creative

    God’s creative provision is a blessing that is not just a coincidence. In the Old Testament, we see that God provided food for the people of Israel. The widow in 1 Kings 17 had an endless supply of pancakes because the ravens came and brought the food. She also had hope for the future because she trusted God. And in 1 Kings 4:1-8, she had an endless supply of oil because she trusted God. Even though the food was not enough to last her the entire day, she did not have to worry about the lack of oil.

    God’s provision is sufficient

    The Scriptures remind us that God is our provider. He gives us all that we need every day. His provision is sufficient for today and for tomorrow, too. He knows what we need, and he will provide it at the right time. His provision ensures that we live the life He intended for us.

    We may not always be thinking about how much God provides for us, but Philippians 4:19 reminds us of this truth. Our first responsibility is to recognize and rest in God’s provision, and then to rely on that provision. The promise of God’s provision frees us to give more.

    God’s provision is a relationship

    In the Bible, God promises to provide for us, but He holds back His provision until we enter into a relationship. He knows that if He provided everything at once, we would lose interest in His relationship. At times, it may feel as though God has no intention of providing at all. But if you hang in there, you will find that God’s promises are true.