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What Does Rend Mean in the Bible

    What Does Render Mean in the Bible?what does rend mean in the bible


    Render in the Bible is an oral Bible translation program developed by three partner agencies to guide oral communicators in producing oral Scripture. Render is a multimedia program that contains up to four pre-loaded audio recordings that are used to guide oral communicators as they translate the Bible. Using the software, a translator listens to the Bible in the language they are fluent in and records a passage or snippet. A draft recording is then peer reviewed, revised and re-recorded as needed.


    Render is a new Bible translation software developed by three partnering agencies. It aims to translate the Bible for oral cultures around the world. The program also manages the workflow and peer review of the translations. It can also be used to help the translation teams with revision. This software is available for free.


    The word rendering is used as a synonym for reciprocation and repayment. In the Bible, the word also means to return a favor. Several examples of this word are gathered from online news sources. We have compiled some of the most common usages of the word. The following examples are intended to help you better understand the word.

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