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What Does Sensuality Mean in the Bible

    What Does Sensuality Mean in the Bible?what does sensuality mean in the bible

    Sensuality is an all-consuming devotion to the senses. It is the total gratification of the body and mind. This type of behavior is not a part of the Christian faith, as it is against God’s commandments. It is sinful, because it is unholy.

    It is a total devotion to the gratification of the senses

    The Bible is very clear about the relationship between the mind and the senses. It teaches that we must exercise our mental powers to achieve total spiritual purity and not become sensual. While the mind is the seat of the soul, the senses are a part of the physical body and are a part of our creation. A person who is sensual is someone who indulges their senses and desires. The opposite of sensuality is virtue.

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