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What Does Shew Mean in the Bible

    What Does Shew Mean in the Bible? what does shew mean in the bible

    Shew is a word in the Bible that originates from the Hebrew word haKharah. Here is a look at what it means in English, examples of its use within Bible verses, and an explanation of the source word. I’ve used Strong’s Concordance to find the exact meaning of the word shew in the Bible, and I’ve included additional information about the word’s usage in the Bible.

    Show thyself approved

    “Show thyself approved” is a phrase found in the Bible. It is from the second book of Timothy by the Apostle Paul. Paul wrote this passage in Rome, where he was chained and close to execution. The word “approved” conveys the idea of being tested and proven. It suggests having gone through a vetting process before God’s approval.

    Study to shew thyself approved

    The phrase “study to show thyself approved” is a phrase in the Bible that comes from the apostle Paul’s second book, the book of Timothy. Paul wrote it from Rome, where he was chained and very close to execution. The King James Version, where this phrase appears, translates it as “be diligent.” But it really means “present yourself before God as one approved.” The original phrase is the same as in other versions of the Bible.

    Bread of the Presence

    Shew is a Hebrew word meaning “bread” in the Bible. It is the name of the bread sacrificed to God for his presence. The Bible makes reference to this bread as a sacrifice in the Book of Leviticus. The shewbread was made of semolina and was twice as large as a regular meal-offering. It was also made of oil and fine flour, and it was covered with frankincense.

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    False teachers

    In the Bible, we read about false teachers and what they do. False teachers are people who try to mislead Christians by teaching doctrines contrary to the Bible. False teachers will introduce perverse teachings and attract a large following. In addition, they may misinterpret Scripture to suit their own agendas.


    The table of shewbread in the Bible is an allegory for Christ, the sustainer of spiritual life. The table was two cubits in length and one cubit wide, and it was topped with gold. The table was made of shittim wood and plated with gold. The table was carried by two staves with gold rings.

    Colossians 2:15

    The Greek word “deigmatizo” in Colossians 2:15 means “to shew”. The word shew is a verb that means “to make an example of.” Regardless of its use in the Bible, it refers to the same thing: showing a person an example.

    Ephesians 6:12

    In the Bible, the word shew is a plural word meaning “to show.” It is also used to mean “permission” or “authority.” In the Bible, it can also mean “right” or “power.” It refers to the ability or authority to act.

    Paul’s command to be a man

    Many modern commentators have interpreted Paul’s command to be a man as a command for men to act like men. However, this interpretation is problematic, because Paul doesn’t explicitly exclude women from his teaching. Rather, he expected all believers to conform to Christ’s image. And since Jesus was the image of God, he also expected all followers of Christ to act like men. So, the passage doesn’t necessarily apply to men only, and it certainly doesn’t make any mention of non-speaking ministries.

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