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What Does the Bible Say About Birthdays in Heaven

    What Does the Bible Say About Birthdays in Heaven?

    If you’re wondering what the Bible says about birthdays in heaven, the answer is that Scripture doesn’t prohibit Christians from celebrating them. In fact, the Bible encourages Christians to celebrate birthdays. After all, a living dog is better than a dead lion, right?

    Happy Birthday to the Lord

    The phrase “Happy Birthday to the Lord in heaven” can be used to greet a person on their birthday. Several scriptures are available that include birthday greetings. Some examples are Psalm 17:8 NIV and Psalm 18:32 NIV. Both of these Scriptures are suitable for a Christian’s birthday.

    The Bible is full of inspirational verses that can help you celebrate a birthday. Many Bible verses are filled with promises of hope and the future. This can help you remember that God is the source of life. Bible verses are also a good choice as birthday gift ideas. You can even use Bible verses as a reminder to thank God for blessing you with life.

    Christians should strive to honor the Lord with everything they do, even their birthdays. Birthday celebrations should be pure and sin-free. If a Christian can’t celebrate his or her birthday, he or she should find other ways to fill the day. A birthday is a time to celebrate the Lord’s love.

    Sending a birthday wish to a deceased loved one is also a great way to honor the life of a loved one who passed away. While sending a birthday wish is not normal, it is a wonderful gesture and a lovely way to honor the loved one’s life. By doing so, you’ll be able to share your sentiments with the person in heaven and bring them peace.

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    a living dog is better than a dead lion

    This proverb from the Qoheleth tradition states, “A living dog is better than a dead Lion in Heaven.” It packs a punch as it lays out the truth in a clear manner. When you are alive, you have a chance to gain knowledge, build a good reputation, and enjoy your earthly life. By contrast, when you are dead, you have no hope and no recourse.

    A living dog is better than a dead king in heaven, as we all know we will die, but the dead are not aware of it. Unlike the living, they have no memory and no reward. And once they are dead, they are forever gone, so they have nothing to look forward to in this life. Therefore, it is better to enjoy life and all it has to offer, whether it’s wine, food, or the company of loved ones.