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What Does the Bible Say About Pets in the House

    What Does the Bible Say About Pets in the House?

    Having pets in the house is not against the Bible. But it also teaches that animals must be treated with justice. This is an important reminder for us to remember. If we neglect to take care of our pets, we are failing to follow the Word of God. That’s why we should make sure our pets live a long and healthy life.

    God requires justice from animals

    The biblical practice of offering sacrifices of animals for sin is based on the idea of substitutionary atonement. Scripture teaches that sin is a wrath against God, and that the holiness of God demands that an acceptable substitute be offered to pay for human sin. Therefore, God created a system in Israel whereby an innocent animal would be killed and its blood used to atone for human sin.

    In response to Job’s complaints about human mistreatment and indifference toward God’s sovereignty, God reminded him of his role in creating and providing for his creatures. He also reminded him that he was a more powerful being than any of these creatures and that he appointed their place in creation.

    As man exists in a higher form, his relationship with animals provides him with tokens of inherent virtues such as gentleness, kindness, fidelity, and joy. Hence, we should be just as good to animals, as we would do to people. The animal world is an integral part of God’s perfect creation.

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    God requires justice from humans

    When we think about the nature of God, we can come to the conclusion that God requires justice from humans regarding the presence of pets. Our role as owners of animals is to provide a home for the pets that we love, feed, and care for. God, who is holy, requires justice. And our pets are no exception. The Bible is clear on this.

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