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What Does the Name Cole Mean in the Bible

    The Richness of Cole in the Biblewhat does the name cole mean in the bible

    A Cole is a peacemaker by nature, a spiritual idealist who specializes in philosophy, religion, and other less conventional forms of healing. They are selective when choosing their friends, but are very generous and sympathetic. A person named Cole usually dresses in shabby clothes, but they are often comfortable in their own skin.


    Throughout the Bible, coal appears several times. The word coal itself is often translated as one of two Hebrew words, RITZPAH or RATZA. Regardless of the meaning, coal is often a symbol of the earth’s mineral resources.


    The Richness of Cole in the Bible is a useful introduction to Reformed biblical theology. The author’s Reformed perspective informs his reading of Scripture, which is consistent throughout. The author also offers many diverse perspectives and discusses the practical applications of various doctrines. For pastors, the book is a helpful resource for understanding and defending Reformed theology.


    The biblical word depth can be defined in a variety of ways. For instance, in Psalm 42, the psalmist expresses his deep need for God, calling out to God from a deep place.


    Courage is a virtue that helps people face difficulties and dangers without fear. This virtue is also associated with fortitude, which refers to the patience to endure continued suffering. Courage that arises from a man’s constitution often forsakes him in his hour of need, while courage that comes from a sense of duty usually acts in a uniform fashion.

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    The word Cole means “self-reliant” in the Bible. This word is used to describe the individual who is dependent upon one’s own efforts to survive. This definition of self-reliance is contrary to the doctrine of reliance on property. For too long, men have focused their attention on things rather than themselves. They have come to value institutions as guards of their property and despise attacks on those institutions as assaults on their property. In addition, they have come to measure one another by what they have.


    Many Bible verses and historical accounts discuss the importance of independence, and the founding fathers of the United States of America shared a biblical worldview. For example, the Declaration of Independence discusses “inalienable” rights granted by God. This idea is consistent with the Bible’s teachings on human rights.

    Middle English

    The Middle English name Cole is the earliest form of the family name Cole. There are several notable places named Cole in Britain and Ireland. Famous families of this name include Coles of Devon, who were landowners in the southwest until the early 1600s. Other notable names of this family include Sir John Cole of Devon who fought for King Henry V at Agincourt, and Margaret Cole, grandmother of Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh.

    Old French

    The name Cole comes from Old French. It means “coal black”. It’s a nickname for people who are coal-black or darkly-complex. The name is also of Greek and English origin. Biblically, Cole means “victory”. The name Cole has been used for both boys and girls. It is also the name of a demon in the TV series Charmed.

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    The word “cole” is a biblical term, and it refers to a man of God. In the Bible, it is often used to refer to Jesus. Its roots are in the ancient Greek word for “good.” The English word “cole” was first used in the Bible in the late ninth century.


    The popularity of Cole as a boy’s name has steadily increased throughout the years. From 1880 to the present, it has been the top baby name in both the North East and North West. In the SSA database, it has been recorded 136,084 times. A number of celebrities have been given the name Cole, including the lead singer of the rock band SWMRS and the character Cole Trickle in the movie Days of Thunder.