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What Is a Bond Servant in the Bible

    What is a Bond Servant in the Bible?

    A bond servant is someone who is obligated to help those in need. In the Bible, they are men who work for someone’s benefit. Typically, these men are blameless Jewish men. They have a Master in the heavens and are called upon to help the poor.

    144,000 bond servants are blameless virgin Jewish men

    The number fourteen thousand is a significant number in the Old Testament. The name 144,000 is used to describe people with the mark of God. Those who carry the mark are identified as belonging to the living God. These people come from the twelve tribes of Israel. They are the “bond servants” of the Living God. However, Ephraim and Dan are not included on the list. This means that there are others, including non-Jewish people, who are also “bond servants.”

    The number 144,000 bond servants is first mentioned in the Bible in Rev. 7:1-8. This number is referred to again in Rev. 7:9-17. The 144,000 are chosen from the twelve tribes of Israel. These people will be active worshipers of Yeshua and singing a new song to the Lord.

    They are protected from the woe of the fifth trumpet

    The seventh trumpet seals the deal on Satan’s power, and the usurper’s dominion over the earth is permanently broken. Christians have prayed “Thy kingdom come” for centuries. However, this prayer carries a different meaning. Christians believe Christ came to earth to rule over the nations with a rod of iron. However, Satan tempted Jesus by showing him the kingdoms of the world. In Luke chapter 4, Jesus refused to accept Satan’s terms.

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    When the seventh trumpet sounds, the judgments that came before are completed. The first six trumpets release fearful judgments upon the world, while the seventh trumpet is broader in scope. The first two trumpets only occupy the ninth chapter, while the seventh trumpet will fill the rest of the book.

    They have a Master in the heavens

    According to the Bible, a bondservant is a person who has surrendered their will and all their interests to the will of another. Unlike an employee, the bond servant has a Master in the heavens. Paul and Timothy, in the Bible, were not their own and were bought with the blood of Christ. They were the exclusive property of the Lord and therefore were not allowed to leave. They had been born slaves to sin, but through the new, second birth, became slaves to Christ.

    In the Bible, the term “bond servant” comes from the same word as “slave.” In modern English, the term refers to someone who is bought or owned by another person. This term has no meaning outside of Christianese, and lends itself to misunderstanding. Some translations are attempting to distance themselves from the KJV, which uses the term “servant” (or “bond servant”), a word that conveys the idea of a person who is obligated to do the will of his/her master.

    They follow Jesus wherever He goes

    When a person chooses to follow Jesus as Lord and master, he or she becomes a bond servant, or a slave, to Him. This bond lasts for eternity. Bond servants are believers, who have chosen to follow Jesus wherever He goes. Every believer is a bond servant of Christ.

    The Book of Acts records that a bond servant must first hear the gospel of Jesus and believe in Him, then repent of living outside the will of God and the will of Jesus. After repenting, the bond servants must be baptized and acknowledge Jesus as their Master.

    Bond servants are expected to obey their master, regardless of their rank or status. They receive only as much privilege as their master gives. They are not exalted in any way, and are not supposed to be proud of their status. Being a bondservant is like being humble.

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