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What Is a Potsherd in the Bible

    What is a Potsherd in the Bible?

    A potsherd is a pottery vessel. The Bible uses the word potsherd in a number of places. Isaiah uses the image of a sherd to speak of the worthlessness of ancient Judah, and the Psalmist uses it as a metaphor for illness.


    The potsherd is a broken pottery fragment, and in the Bible it is often used as a metaphor for Christ. In the Bible, the potsherd is used in Isaiah 45:9, Psalm 22:15, Job 2:8, and Proverbs 26:23. It is also translated as “sherd” in Ezekiel 23:34 and Isaiah 30:14.

    The word potsherd is also used in Isaiah as a metaphor for ancient Judah. Isaiah used this image to describe the worthlessness of the ancient people of Judah. Similarly, the psalmist used the image of a dry potsherd as a simile for illness.

    Job’s friends gave him a bad view of God, which caused him to suffer more. They gave him a fragmented view of God that caused more pain than healing. Only through a knowledge of God’s character can we experience true healing.

    Pottery vessel

    Pottery is a material that is used to make a variety of items from pots to cups and dishes. In ancient times, vessels were usually made from clay, and a potter would rotate a wheel to draw the clay. Once the clay was drawn into the desired shape, it was left to dry until it reached a leather-hard consistency. The potter would then add the base and handles, adjust the spout, and paint and slip the vessel. Once the clay was dried, it was fired at a temperature of approximately 800 degrees Celsius.

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    The pottery in the Bible shows good craftsmanship, and may have originated in the Ancient Near East. These vessels may be the earliest Semitic wheel-made vessels. Their wide bodies, narrow bases, and flaring rims suggest that these vessels were created by skilled potters. In addition, the unusual group of juglets suggests that they exchanged pottery with Egypt, which was politically joined to Syria-Palestine.

    Container of pus

    A container of pus is a vessel used to collect the discharge of ulcers. The narrator uses this as a metaphor to illustrate Job’s condition. Job had inflamed sores on his body, ranging from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head.

    Practical uses of potsherds

    A potsherd is a piece of pottery that has been severed from a pot. In Scripture, it is often referred to as a “sherd.” The Bible also speaks of potsherds as being “worthless” and “insignificant.” The Bible describes ancient towns covered with great quantities of broken pottery. This pottery is usually brittle and has a rough texture. It is also often covered with a bright colored glaze that gives it an appearance of being deserted.

    A potsherd can also be used for scraping sores. Job used a shard of pottery to scrape his sores. The texture of the pottery, as well as the edges of the break, were useful for scraping off dead skin. A potsherd could also be used as a scoop to collect water from a cistern. In addition to their practical uses, potsherds were also used as writing material. Famous examples of this kind of material include the Lachish Letters and the lots of Masada.

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