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What Is a Satraps in the Bible

    What is a Satrap in the Bible? what is a satraps in the bible

    You may have heard the term “satraps” but not really know what it means. Satraps were the king’s “eyes” in the provinces and were responsible to the king. They also had the responsibility of sending recruits to Babylon for the army and suppressing crime.


    Satraps are a type of governor, which originated in the ancient Achaemenid and Median empires. They served in various successor empires, including the Hellenistic and Sasanian empires. Satraps were important figures in ancient history. They were responsible for governing various areas, including the capital city.

    In the Bible, there are many references to satraps. Satraps are mentioned in Daniel chapters three and six. They were officials appointed by the king to govern the kingdom. Their chief duty was to protect the king’s possessions. Daniel was charged with ensuring that the satraps carried out their duties. However, some of the satraps did not like Daniel’s promotion and plotted to kill him.

    satraps were king’s “eyes” in provinces

    Satraps were appointed by the king to oversee the provinces and keep them in line with the law. In addition to ruling over criminal and civil cases, the satraps also maintained internal security and raised armies. Their duties were closely monitored by the king and other royal officials.

    They recruited from the best and most loyal members of the minor nobility. Though they served the king’s interests, they were not always trusted by the king. In some cases, they moved against the king. It was likely that these satraps acted in their own self-interest.

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    satraps were responsible to king

    In the bible, satraps are people who serve under the king and who are responsible for the proper administration of a kingdom. These individuals are mentioned in the books of Daniel, Esther, and Ezra. During the time of King Darius and King Nebuchadnezzar, satraps served as the king’s representatives in different parts of the kingdom. They were responsible for overseeing the people in charge of a region and ensuring that they do their job properly and are not disloyal.

    The book of Daniel tells us about a satrap’s role during the time of the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem in 607 BCE. In his later years, Daniel became a chief minister in the royal court of King Nebuchadnezzar. He was a man known for his ability to interpret dreams. One day, when he was summoned by King Belshazzar, he was able to interpret the handwriting on the wall. After reading the writing, Daniel made a judgment that the king had to face. After reading the handwriting on the wall, Daniel read the message and told Belshazzar that his kingdom had been divided and given to the Medes.

    satraps aided Jews

    In the Bible, the Satraps aided the Jews in their wars against their enemies. All provinces’ officials and chief rulers supported them and feared the Jews. This fear made them help the Jews. Moreover, all these officials and rulers feared Mordecai, the Jew who was the head of the Jewish community.

    Satraps were the governors who were appointed by a king. These men were also called to govern certain regions and ethnic groups in the country. During the Persian satrapy, Cyrus made a province of Judah. The kingdom’s satraps were assigned to govern the province, and they were tasked with implementing his orders.

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    satraps gathered for dedication of statue

    In the Bible, Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, commissioned the construction of a golden statue. The statue stood nine feet high and sixty cubits wide, and it was placed on the plain of Dura, where all the satraps, governors, and other province officials gathered.

    The statue was dedicated in front of the people. The people of all nations and tongues came to worship the statue, but only a few Jews refused to do so.

    satraps consulted together to establish a royal statute

    The word “satrap” means “provincial administrator” or “satrap” in the Bible. The Medes were a vast kingdom and were ruled by princes called “satraps.” Satraps were the provincial administrators under the king and they consulted together to create a royal statute. The king appointed Daniel as “commissioner,” or “vice-regent,” and he consulted with three other men of high rank. Daniel, however, stood out amongst his fellow governors, and the king considered setting him over the whole realm. Most likely, the motive for destroying Daniel was jealousy. People may have been prejudiced against him, and some may have thought he was too old to lead the kingdom.

    King Darius had the satraps consult with each other to create a royal statute. These officials were responsible for announcing the king’s decisions. A royal statute established by these officials must be signed by the king, and decrees were not meant to be repealed.

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