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What Is a Sop in the Bible

    What is a Sop in the Bible?


    The word “sop” comes from the Greek word psomion, which means “morsel, bit, fragment, or mouthful.” The word is usually translated as “a morsel,” but the word can also mean something like a piece of bread or a piece of fruit that is taken from a tree, dipped in something, or sucked from a liquid. The word was used in a number of different ways in the Bible.

    The word psomos is also used in the Bible in two different ways. In the Bible, the word is commonly used in the context of bread, as it can be translated as “morsels” or “slices of bread.” However, in some translations, the word is more generic, meaning that it can mean anything that the Bible says.

    Judas is an example. According to the Bible, Judas was the one who got a sop from Jesus and ate it. Judas understood what Jesus was saying, but he did not open his heart or ears to his message. In fact, the sop he ate opened his heart up to the powers of evil.


    Sops were small meals that served a purpose. Jesus, for example, gave Judas a sop, and Judas ate it. Judas understood the message of Jesus, but his obstinacy prevented him from receiving the grace of Christ. Moreover, Judas’ violent efforts to close his heart left him vulnerable to the powers of evil.

    The term “sop” comes from the Greek word psomion, which means a mouthful, morsel, bit, or piece of food. While sops were primarily used for dipping, they could also serve a variety of functions. In the New Testament, the sop was often used as a spoon.

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    Soups and broths are mentioned in the Bible. Two of the most famous biblical stories involve the sharing of soup. One of them involves the miracle of Jesus feeding thousands of people. The other involves the sharing of a single pot. The story of the Stone Soup is reminiscent of The Feeding of the 5000.