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What Is a Tanner in the Bible

    What is a Tanner in the Bible?what is a tanner in the bible

    In the New Testament book, Acts of the Apostles, the character Simon the Tanner is introduced. This tanner had a house in Jaffa where Saint Peter often stayed. It is believed that he was an example of early Christians who embraced all trades and professions.


    In the Bible, there are references to tanners. Acts 9:43 and 10:6 mention Simon the tanner who lived in Joppa, near the Mediterranean Sea. These mentions of tanners suggest that they played a significant role in society. However, their occupation was frowned upon by Jews, who viewed the profession as unclean and dirty.

    tanner’s trade

    In the Bible, we only have a few references to a tanner. Three times in Acts does Luke mention Simon, who lived with a tanner. This trade was not popular and was usually located on the outskirts of a town. It required dealing with dead animals and had a foul stench. Jews considered tanneries to be ceremonially unclean and avoided them.

    tanner’s home served as launching point for Peter’s journey

    The book of Acts describes Peter’s visit to a tanner’s house, where he stayed with Cornelius the centurion, who was a Gentile. There, the Holy Spirit overflowed and Peter was convinced that Gentiles were part of God’s household. He then testified to the council of Jerusalem about his experience.

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    Simon the tanner was a socio-economic outcast

    The Bible records the story of Simon the tanner in the Book of Acts. He was a socio-economic outcast who lived on the margins of society. He was a dirty man who worked with dead animals, and was thus a target for social disapproval. Despite his dirtiness, Simon eventually joined the Jesus movement, and found acceptance in the group. However, he was also a religious outcast, and the early believers were forced to contend with Jewish laws about ritual purity.

    Tanners were considered unclean trades by the Pharisees

    According to the Bible, tanners were despised by Jews and considered unclean. In fact, Jewish law required that a tan-yard be at least 50 yards away from any human dwelling. Furthermore, men who worked in a tanner’s shop had to reveal their profession to their wives.

    Tanners were a dung collector

    The Bible describes a person who collects animal dung as a tanner. Tanners work in a complex process that includes a number of steps. Simon probably had a number of skins percolating in different stages when he died.

    Tanners tanned hides with harsh chemicals

    The Bible makes mention of tanneries and the use of harsh chemicals to tan animal hides. It also mentions that skins must be washed and the hair removed before tanning. There are three main types of tanning methods: vegetable, mineral, and leather. All three methods use an astringent substance called tannin. This substance is naturally found in various plants, especially bark and leaves.

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