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What Is Conviction in the Bible

    What is Conviction in the Bible?

    Conviction is a powerful thing. You can see it in the Bible, especially in Hebrews 1:1-4. People who have conviction are not afraid to stand up against the world and do things that aren’t popular. These people leave a mark on their worlds. They don’t go along with the status quo and aren’t content with drudgery.

    They are not apathetic

    We can’t be apathetic in the face of sin and evil. God must be angry at sin because it’s against His character. Otherwise, He would be unloving. The Bible teaches that God is angry when people commit sin against His character. In the case of the Corinthians, this anger pushed them to seek a remedy that would correct their wrongdoings.

    They are not wishful thinking

    The Bible makes it very clear that we must have some convictions about God. This faith is not wishful thinking or denial, but an affirmation of the reality that God is real and can be known. It is a conviction that is grounded in the evidence that demonstrates that Christianity is true.

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