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What Is Discord in the Bible

    What Is Discord in the Bible?

    Discord is a term that refers to a lack of agreement or harmony. In the Bible, it also refers to naughtiness or wickedness. The Bible describes the characteristics of such people in some detail. The Bible warns against people who sow discord amongst other people.


    The Bible describes the evils of sowing discord. This is an act of deceit that is done through lies, gossip, and sneakiness. This creates mistrust and leads to bad judgments. It can also lead to disparaging comments about someone you once considered a loyal friend. These are all actions that cause conflict in a community and are unacceptable to God.

    Discord begins with a liar. If a Christian tells a lie to hurt someone else, they are sowing discord in the community. Many Christians are offended when they hear this kind of speech, and they feel insulted and hurt. They may not even be telling the truth.

    In the Bible, God strongly condemns such evil actions. He hates discord and he wants unity and peace in the world. That is why Paul prayed in Ephesians 4:16 for Christians to live in harmony. Discord leads to a host of problems in the community and causes divisions.

    The best way to prevent discord is to avoid it. People who sow discord usually have personal problems. They talk about people behind their backs, are not happy, and have regrets. It is best to avoid these types of people. Instead, focus on the good in other people. If you’re a victim of discord, pray for the wisdom and guidance of God.

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    Discord is destructive and unchecked. As Solomon points out, it causes destruction. Sowers of discord intentionally choose their victims and circumstances. They also target the weakest link in a group.

    Lack of agreement or harmony

    The biblical text makes use of the concept of agreement numerous times. It is often referred to as the ‘principle of agreement’. Biblical writers sought to achieve agreement with one another in order to achieve true companionship and harmony in their marriage. The principle is not only applicable to marriage but to sexual union as well.

    Several evangelists contributed to the creation of the Bible, including Matthew and Mark. Each of them narrates the same events, though they have different viewpoints. Regardless of the differences in style and emphasis, they all attempt to portray the same Jesus in a unified manner.

    Lack of agreement or harmony is a sign of discord and division. Harmony is a state of accord in which individuals’ wills, minds, and bodies work in harmony with one another. In music, this means that the musicians’ notes are in tune with one another and are pleasing to the ear.


    Gluttony is a word found throughout the Bible, but it does not just refer to eating and drinking. In fact, gluttony is linked to idolatry, lavishness, rebellion, and disobedience. Regardless of how it is defined, gluttony is a cause of discord.

    The Bible teaches that a person must exercise self-control, and it teaches us that we must practice moderation in all things. Self-indulgence is an unhealthy habit that will lead to deeper sin and discord. The Bible warns us that a person without self-control is like a city with broken walls. If temptations overwhelm them, the person has no defense against them. It will only lead to more sin and a deeper separation from God.

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    Perversity and discord are two of God’s most hated sins. They are described as “diverting from the original intent” or “changing into something worse.” A perversion can be anything, from a person’s appearance to an act. For example, a perversion of the poppy plant is the production of opiates, which have no medicinal use. In the Bible, the word perversion refers to the deviation of a person from the path of righteousness in speech and sexual behavior. This word can be seen in a number of places in the Bible, including Proverbs 8:10 and Ecclesiastes 5:8.

    Those who sow discord are characterized by their perversity. According to the Bible, such people “plan evil and sow discord in the world,” which is a manifestation of their wicked nature. These people are incapable of reason and act in ways that cause harm to others. They seek to divide people and spread their agenda.

    Perversity and discord are the result of sinful words and actions. A wicked person has deceitful lips, and they always plot to do evil. They are wicked, because they hate the LORD. Consequently, their perverse ways are not pleasing to the LORD. This leads to unhappiness, separation from friends, and lack of prosperity.

    A wicked man walks around with a perverse tongue, pointing fingers, and crooked eyes. Such a person slanders the innocent and tries to wreak havoc among their brethren. Such a person is not worthy of God’s love.

    Lack of direct approach

    The biblical storytellers were not directly addressing discord. Rather, they were representing God through their stories. In some ways, this lack of direct approach to discord is not surprising. The Bible is full of tales of conflict, but these are only one part of the story. The Bible also contains plenty of conflict between the two sexes, and that fact is often overlooked.

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    Those who study the Bible through a naturalistic perspective may produce Biblically erudite scholars, but they often lack spiritual insight and revelation knowledge. For instance, Jesus, the God-man, was filled with the Holy Spirit, and He regularly chided the leading Bible scholars of His day for not understanding the scriptures and the power of God.