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What Is Dross in the Bible

    What is Dross in the Bible?what is dross in the bible

    Dross is the Bible’s metaphor for sin and impurity. It is solid impurities floating on a molten metal, and is the refuse left over after precious metals are melted. In addition to its metaphorical meaning, dross refers to the extraneous matter or scum of metals.

    dross is a metaphor for impurity in God’s people

    The Bible often uses dross as a metaphor for impurity, particularly in the context of the people of God. For example, the book of Ezekiel compares Israel to dross (i.e., slag) that comes after silver-smelting. This comparison emphasizes the futility of human efforts to produce the highest quality, and illustrates the futility of spiritual efforts.

    It is a mass of solid impurities floating on a molten metal

    In the Bible, the word dross symbolizes impurity, and it is often used as a metaphor for the spiritual contaminant that God sees in His people. For example, Ezekiel 22:18 compares the people of Israel to the worthless slag that remains after a silver smelting process. Dross is a mixture of metals that are useless to a smelter.

    The Bible also talks about dross, or solid impurities that are dispersed throughout a molten metal. Some of these impurities can be recycled and used in secondary steelmaking.

    It is a refuse of smelting of precious metal

    In the Bible, dross is a metaphor for impurity and is often used to describe the spiritual contaminant within God’s people. In Ezekiel 22:18, God compares the people of Israel to worthless dross, or the scum left over after silver is melted. The dross that remains after the smelting process is worthless, because it has no value.

    According to the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, dros is the refuse produced after the smelting process. In Proverbs 25:4, dros refers to a waste matter that is separated from the better part. In the Bible, dros is also used to describe base or worthless materials.

    It is a scum or extraneous matter of metals

    Dross refers to the waste material that forms on the surface of a metal during the melting process. It is also a euphemism for “waste,” “excrement,” or “scum.” The word dross in the Bible means “to turn away.” It is also a description of sin, and the Bible uses it to describe the sin of the people.

    It is a spiritual contaminant in God’s people

    Dross is a metaphor for impurity and it is often used to describe God’s people. In the Old Testament, God compares his people to the dross that remains after silver is melted. This contaminant is not worth anything. It is also useless and will eventually become rust, which will consume whatever metal is mixed with it.

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